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Spiritual Perfumes // 9 Fragrance Reviews

This perfume genre is my favourite, I'm not sure why but I've always been a huge fan of those woods, resins, and herbal notes ever since I was a young girl making floral and wood perfumes at home (my dad was awesome and taught me how to create those). I never worried too much about smelling more masculine, even when my best friends were spraying on Exclamation and Impulse as though it was going out of fashion I was applying a home blend of amber resin, vanilla, and patchouli oils. 

For me this category is sexy, it's confident and it's spiritual to a certain point. I love that the ingredients are so nature inspired and change as they dry down, what can start off as a very manly wooded scent can, in fact, fade to the sweetest vanilla powdery fragrance. I really think that these notes work for my body chemistry, I know some can't handle the strength of these as most are used as base notes for a very good reason - what I will say is you can find earthy perfumes that are created with a lighter and delicate blend so don't be put off by a few, especially the larger perfume brands which all seem to smell quite similar. 

I will most probably have to do a part two soon because I keep seeing so many gorgeous sounding perfumes that will fit into this collection. I've already reviewed these on my blog, some of these reviews are old and it's so embarrassing looking back at just how bad my blog was then - it's also nice to see how far I've come and it makes me wonder just how much further I'll take this in the next few years, so here are the links to those reviews if you fancied reading up on how good (or bad) they are... 

Le Petite Fou Emballe Moi (review here) // Notes include bergamot, mandarin, and pink peppercorn before mellowing to a lingering base of amber, patchouli, and almond, raspberry rose and sweet Lily of the Valley. 

Le Petite Fou Lucky Bay (review here) // These solid perfumes are so incredible. These seem to be the only solid perfumes that I can wear and these two by Le Petite Fou actually last far longer scent wise than the sprays do! Because of that, I do intend to buy so many more over the new few years. Notes include citrus top notes of tangerine and lemon, floral heart, cedar, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber base. 

Rituals Happy Mist (review here) // These two Rituals fragrances are created without alcohol and are suited to spraying on clothing and fabrics but honestly, I just wear them as I would any perfume. Notes include mandarin and yuzu. 

Rituals Chakra Water (review here) // Notes include rose and Himalayan honey - this is so gorgeous and even though there are two notes it's surprisingly complex. 

Aveda Chakra 5 (review here) // My all time favourite scent so it's easy enough to presume that this has a great review *wink* Notes include certified organic grapefruit, certified organic rosemary and organic ylang-ylang. 

Kiehl's Fig Leaf & Sage (review here) // Notes include fig leaf, sage, citron, bergamot, and thyme. Although this isn't as deep and woodsy as the others it's definitely herbal and green and really unique. 

Origins Ginger Essence (review here) // Notes are very simply ginger, lemon, and lime. This is a scent I take out with me and apply when I'm feeling deflated, ill, lacking in energy or just not feeling as confident or attractive. I do think these notes pep you right up and the scent is absolutely gorgeous. 

Lush Karma Solid Perfume (review here) // This isn't pictured simply due to being allergic. As I mentioned previously I seem to not be able to wear most branded solid perfumes other than Le Petite Fou, I did end up giving this away however I adore the scent. Notes include orange, lavender, and lemongrass, middle notes are a pine tree, lemon, cassis, and the bottom notes are patchouli, elemi, fir tree resin, and cinnamon. 

Lush Icon Solid Perfume (review here) // I also gave this away for the same reasons I gave Karma away *sobs* there's nothing wrong with these it's just I seem to be allergic??? Funnily enough most people purchase Karma (above) due to it being incense like but I really think Icon is more incense-like than Karma. Karma's orange notes definitely shine through more than this one - notes include African orange flower, myrrh, bergamot, sandalwood, and mandarin orange. 

Do you have any of these perfumes? Are there any that you have that you could recommend? 


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