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Taylor Swift Wonderstruck || A Look Back

Taylor Swift launched her first perfume back in October 2011. The perfume was called Wonderstruck after a lyric in her song 'Enchanted' which is something like ' I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.' 

At that point I wasn't phased by Taylor, I didn't listen to her music, I wasn't interested in trying celebrity scents or even normal standard branded perfumes - yup I was a perfume snob and not ashamed to say so. Most regular readers will know that my love for perfumes comes from the notes inside and not the brand attached, I found that so many brands had started to become too similar which really turned me off. Those promising deep and heady sandalwood notes, sultry amber's notes or fresh and summery blackberries always failed to impress me as each of the notes blended into blah- floral type notes, which then translated onto me as a big chemical stench. 

I took to custom perfumers and Etsy creators to design the perfect perfume and perfume oil blends but Etsy eventually stopped the custom forum and the international posting rules changed so that whole affordable, but custom perfume phase went straight out of the window. While on the search for some new perfumes I ended up back on the high street and came across Wonderstruck - it was the bottle that drew me in initially because it was so cute and not what I'd have expected from Taylor Swift.

Googling the perfume I found it contained notes such as freesia, apple blossom, raspberry, vanilla, honeysuckle, white hibiscus, amber, sandalwood and peach. 

I mean it had amber, raspberry and sandalwood notes! that alone made it worthy of a trial so I purchased a bottle and sprayed dubiously. What should have been a too sweet, chemical noted smash in the face turned out to be oh-so-sultry and oh-so-feminine at the same time; it really smelled grown up! The perfume starts off with a warming but slightly sweet fragrance that then becomes more floral while still being quite warm. The dry down leaves a scent that's really quite summery but on a hot night; the amber and sandalwood are the keynotes in this for sure as you can clearly pick them out from the first hit to the dry down. 

Factoring in the cute bottle, the true smelling notes and the sultry complexity of the overall fragrance I hold my hands up and say 'I was so wrong' wrong to have judged the book perfume by the brand name because this stands up against even the most luxe brands. It's also super affordable which gives it a huge thumbs up because most celebrities tend to hike up the prices don't you think? I suppose you really are just paying for the name with those ones. 

You can pick up Wonderstruck here for £13.50 for the 30ml. She's also launched an Enchanted Wonderstruck version which I'll need to test out, fingers crossed it's as good - if not better than this version. 


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