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Vintage Adverts // Are They a Feminists Worst Nightmare?

You may have noticed the surge in 'feminist' type posts across the internet and social media recently. Everyone and their 'female' dog feels that they should define what it means forgetting that the concept and most major concepts in life vary from person to person.

The thing is so many people these days feel they have to state their point on certain subjects yet don't have the mentality of compromising. After all, we all learn and grow from listening, viewing and reading about other peoples lives, don't we? What feminism meant in the sixties is very different these days and I expect in the next thirty years onwards the posts will shift again. Why do we feel that we need to have a box around a concept and anyone who veers outside of that box is wrong and deserves to be ripped apart online? why do we feel the need to post huge stonking online letters, statuses and posts telling the world why they're right and everyone else is so blatantly wrong? is it ego? 

So to take out the seriousness of the issue, because let's be fair we understand what feminism is and if you want to take action you very much can do so at any point - I decided to post some sexist but thought provoking vintage adverts for you to ponder over. Personally, I love the concept of seeing the brands do their historical magic, I love the artwork and nostalgia, especially since many of these products I would actually probably by today if they re-launched. 

If you are of strongly feminist views I apologise right now as these may get your back up a little, the post isn't intended to get anyone riled up but to show just how far we (and feminism) have come over the years.  

Maybelline Magic Mascara, it never really changed as we still have the waterproof, darkens, separates and curls aspect to our current mascara's. I also actually really like the tag line 

'Maybelline... devoted exclusively to the art of eye beauty!

Max Factor Pink-A-Pades is one of those ads that I was talking about - If they re-launched this same advert and products I would absolutely purchase them, chances are they'd be a sell out don't you think? 

Tangee the vintage equivalent to the green P.H lippies you see today. I just can't believe they named a shade 'gay red' imagine how cray-cray the modern day sensors would go with that if it was to be re-launched? Theatrical red is today's standard red so imagine what they'd name the OCC Lip Tars or similarly bright lipstick colours? 

Wow Palmolive way to make young ladies insecure. 

And again - now words! 

Funny how the tables have turned. There are so many features written all over that say 'this is a real woman' showing ladies from the thirties to the sixties with their womanly curves - the thing is those ladies also had their own body struggles and actually felt insecure if they were skinny. Basically, we're always going to have body issues as long as marketing is alive. 

Actually it's a very real body shape and a very sexy body shape. 

Heck no! I find it so painful looking and the fact that it was created to find minute flaws so that 'makeup men' could fix those with cosmetics is just so surprising. This was of course because ladies weren't suppose to work. 

Who knew my deodorant made me so ugly? did you guys know this? *sniggers*

Tangee again, the lipstick that promises you'll get more kisses. 

Kudos to her for being a woman inventor in that period but seriously? I can't imagine this would work. 

'For that ''natural'' look men look for... Seventeen' wowzers. 

I feel like smashing my laptop screen. I love her nails and lipstick though. 

Stuff buying all of these expensive lotions, potions and oils when I can cure my middle aged skin with a bar of Palmolive. 

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