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Zoya | AW14 Ignite & Entice Collections

Two utterly gorgeous collections from Zoya heading our way this September. Each collection consists of six autumn shades that are so gorgeous in their own rights however each collection is slightly different.  

The Ignite collection is filled with warming shades that have a multidimensional shimmer to them. Zoya describes this collection as being bold liquid metallics but I really think they're something 'more' because these shades have so many layers of colours that pop in certain lights. 

Shades include: 

Autumn | Varnished Copper. 
India | Deep Red & Gold. 
Remy | Indigo with Copper & Gold. 
Sansa | Deepest Aubergine with Gold. 
Teigen | Violet Plum with Copper. 
Yuna | Grey with Copper & Gold. 

The Entice collection is my favourite because it's filled with creamy full coverage, glossy shades that look like molten chocolate and berries *yum* 

Shades include: 

Claire | Rich Burgundy. 
Genevieve | Leather Grey. 
Margo | Red Plum. 
Nyssa | Milk Chocolate. 
Ryan | Classic Indigo. 
Veronica | Brilliant Wine. 

These will cost around £11 each and you'll most probably be able to pick these up from Nail Polish Direct for a discounted price (as always, I do love a good bargain) once they're officially released. 

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