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Christian Louboutin Polishes | The Colour Line Up

I previously blogged about the Christian Louboutin polish collection (link), honestly, I wasn't hugely impressed because I believed there would be a few standard colours, a fancy teeny bottle and a huge whopping price! I did think this was going to be an over hyped product that didn't live up to the hype and I really didn't want to buy into that. 

I will eat humble pie now gladly because having seen the range and some swatches I was surprised by the range of beautiful colours and finishes, as well as the bottle too and the conversion rate, means that the scary looking $50 is a less scary looking £36 (which is still expensive but as a treat, that's OK isn't it?). 

Here are the four collections within the new launch. 

The Pops

Mula Lisa // Chartreuse yellow.

Escatin // Orange
Popi // Poppy red
Miss Loubi // Coral pink
Pluminette // Hot pink
Bengali // Fuchsia pink
Lova // Bright violet
Wherever // Ink blue
Ni Toi Ni Moi // Mint green
Batignolles // Celadon blue. 

The Nudes

Sweet Charity // Sheer vanilla
Madame Est Nue // Barely pink
La Favorita // Sheer blush pink
Tres Decollete // Sheer cotton candy pink
Just Nothing // Sand beige
Tutulle // Rosy nude
Simple Nude // Malt ball nude
Me Nude // Cappuccino 
Zoulou // Chocolate brown 
Alta Perla // Light almond green

The Noirs 

Lady Twist // Prussian blue
Bianca // Shimmer denim blue
Zermadame // Forest green
Kheops // Dark brown
Farida // Shimmer brown bronze
Sevillana // Deep burgundy
Lady Page // Deep berry violet
Very Prive // Deep wine red
Khol // True black
Daffodile // Nude grey

Rouge Louboutin

And the very special polish within the new launch is the Rouge polish. This is described as a timeless shade of red that it is iconic on all of the shoe soles, the bottle is a work of art in itself and originally I didn't think I wanted any of these polishes - after all, they cost £36 and $50 respectively. Having seen some images I've been pleasantly surprised by the size of the bottles, they seem to be pretty huge! 

Photo credit: www.thefashionblog.com

You can pick up selected colours (I think around 7 out of 10 shades from each range) at Selfridge's and all colours are/will be available at Sephora

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  1. Oh WOW! Those bottles are so striking, I love them! I am not convinced I would spend £36 on a nail polish though, the colour range is really good though and lots of choice.

  2. I love the nude shades, and the bottles are incredible. But, I never wear nail polish. I love my nails just the way they are.


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