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Friday Finds // #3 The Bohemian Style One

DIY Leather Sandals // I found this cute tutorial on The Merry Thought Blog and while it maybe the end of Summer a good pair of sandals is always fab to have on hand for nipping out - we are also suppose to be having a hot autumn so I'd get your crafting kit out ready for this tutorial. 

Mochila Bag // Oh my goodness, I came across this Etsy based company on Instagram and have been swooning over their boho bags ever since. 

Patchwork Cardigan // This is vintage, bohemian and so perfect. I know this is going to be a Marmite product but those that love the retro style but done in a modern way will see the perfection in this piece. A big P.S also this style (crochet, colours and bohemian) is going to be mega for AW. 

Lunar Nail Art // More moons, sorry not sorry. I don't know who the original creator of these nails were but who ever did these is awesome in my eyes! they're perfect in every way and I need my nails to look like this pronto. 

Perfect Autumn Crown DIY // Crowns never go out and regardless of age there's always something slightly magical about placing something pretty on your hair - I'm not sure about you guys but I'm always taken back to my youth and pretending to be a princess and learning to walk straight. Popping the crown regardless of it's material whooshes me back and while I may not wear it out, I do like to wear a crown or two in the house on special occasions (I'm the queen of this castle okay). I adore this DIY because it's very simple but so effective, getting kids involved too will make this a great little project that will hopefully gain some laughs. 

Beautiful Mittens // It's getting colder for sure - we're in Scotland, not sure if that makes a difference? Are you guys feeling the chill? These mittens were chosen because they look cosy but still look very chic - the neutral colour will go with every outfit too. 

Christian Louboutin Polish // This is shade Mula Lisa from The Pops range within the new collection. I previously blogged about this range and I have to say some of the colours are really outstanding. I'm not much of a yellow chick, but this shade just called my name! 

Cement Necklaces // I found this simple tutorial on the Fall For DIY blog, I love starting a project and seeing it through to the end, especially when you're left with something that looks so pretty and is use able. You could also whip up a few of these for special friends or Christmas. 

As you're reading this I maybe at my second job interview for a job I so badly want, I was so nervous and I'll discuss it more with you once I get a yes or no so wish me luck guys and I hope you all have a great weekend everyone *mwah* 


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  1. Im in love with the bohemian look.THOSE LUNAR NAILS ARE SO COOL OMG. I agree that person was amazing and I personally think they should be awarded because thats honestly one of the coolest things ever :O

    Cait | http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/


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