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Friday Finds // #4 Halloween's Coming - Dark Nights

Wowsers it's the weekend already! I swear this year has breezed by as it really feels as though it should still be March or April time in my opinion. Of course another Friday means another Friday Finds (granted it will be Saturday as you read this due to my midnight posting schedule) but these were my top finds from the past week. 

The last week for us have been about change (more on that this week), the rundown to Halloween and Samhain, the lead up to the Scottish Independence Vote and the change from summer to autumn clothing and home goods. I've also got back into my crafting and baking big time so expect more tutorials and sweet stuff inspired posts. 

Here are the last week's ''finds'', hope you enjoy them...

Bleach Stamp Pad // This tutorial shows you how you can put the stamp pad into action, I really love the bleach print top that was created on the Hey Wanderer blog and can imagine doing this to clothing, cushions, bedding, and anything and everything that would hold a print. 

Camping Mug Candle // Poppytalk has a fantastic DIY for making your own candles, I love the camping mug they're used but you can really use any sort of container, beaker or glass (make sure its heatproof of course). 

Kitty Tights // If you were ever going to wear kitty tights then this is that time, colder darker nights, the lead up to Halloween and autumn really allows more of a kooky style doesn't it especially when done in little bits. These also only cost £1.53 (including p&p) over on eBay.

Green Metallic Knit Sweater // Sweater season is nearly upon us and I know this season I'm all about the practical but pretty - this metallic sweater ticks every box because it's practical, you don't need to worry about sewing back on sequins or pearls or buttons, it's dark enough to be wearable both day and night and really, when it's pouring outside the sparkle will surely make you smile? This was found over on H&M.  

Swell Made Blog // Metal Toe Boots - Such a simple but really affect DIY by Swell Made blog. I love how chic these look and the possibilities that could be created, I'm thinking mixed metals such as rose gold and gold would look incredible. 

Yankee Candle Halloween // Three scents that stand out, of course, there are still releases from previous years but 2014 is once again all about the Witches Brew and Candy Corn with the new addition of Ghostly Treats. 

Witches Brew is described as 'the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casting a captivating spell

Candy Corn is ' the familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of childhood Halloween fun. Creamy vanilla candy corn sweets affectionately capture the sweet tooth of generations

Ghostly Treats is 'the scent of gooey toasted marshmallows creates a haunting reminder of sharing spooky tales around a Halloween bonfire'. 

Oh P.S a little birdie told me Happy Halloween will be launched as a limited scent in October time, described as 'scarily good, a hauntingly purrfect potion of black licorice spiced with anise and cloves'. 

Bat Fleece Wrap // I saw this and instantly snapped up two from H&M. My thinking was that this could be used as a blanket which is perfect because my sons adore blankets and wrap themselves up regularly throughout the day and always when watching TV on the couch, plus it would double as a fantastic bat costume for Halloween - again my sons have never been much of an OTT Halloween outfit type of kids so this teamed with some bat fangs and an awesome party outfit underneath is perfect for those Samhain parties that are heading out way. I do like it when things can be used after a specific event or season and this ticks those boxes. 

H by Hudson Horrigan Boots // These are so damn hot aren't they. I love the shape, the heel, the shade and the wearability, these are for sure every day boots and would look amazing with some jeans and some beautiful knitwear pieces. 


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  1. oooh I love the kitty tights! Great find!
    xx Abbigayle xx

  2. I can't believe it's September either and that Halloween is right around the corner, but I love those Yankee candles x

    1. The Witches Brew is gorgeous lovely, if you get the chance to try any of the Halloweenie's I'd recommend that one x


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