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Friday Finds // #5 Home Sweet Home

Alternative Towel Rail // This of course could be used as a jewellery hanger, curtain pole, scarf pole or basically any sort of pole/hanger thing. Team it with some of the 'S' hooks from IKEA that you can team with their kitchen poles and you're good to go! So adore this, expect to see my version very-very soon. 

Driftwood Dream Catcher // This is so beautiful, the mix between crystals, old metals, natural threads and of course the driftwood just looks too perfect. Another must try - if you prefer some colour why not paint on some coloured stripes. 

Grow Your Own Crystal // My eldest son adores crystals and has a bit of a penchant for crystal healing. He's actually got a ton of crystals on his Christmas list so I figured a crystal growing DIY would be perfect! with the October holidays coming up soon I know this is going to keep them amused for hours - any colour suggestions? 

Copper Pendant Lighting // There's nothing quite as chic as metallic lighting in your home - Copper and brass are so hot right now that you really can't go wrong as it suits all interior styles. While this pendant lighting isn't very OTD it has just the right amount of sophistication for it to be featured on this list. 

Custom Song Lyrics Cushion // I love this. The only thing is what song would you choose? 

Bohemian Pouffe // I grew up with a pouffe in our house so I have a bit of a weakness, there's nothing quite like sitting in your comfy chair and popping your feet up on a pouffe - especially if it was as awesome as this pink bohemian one. 

Clay Kitty Pot // Found on Happiness is Creating Blog - Initially I thought this was the bottom of a juice bottle cut into the cat shape and painted but then quickly realised it was clay. You could absolutely cut up an old Coke bottle and paper mache it or use it as a clay template? or just acrylic paint it and pop in your cutest cacti's or succulent plants. I will be giving this a go for sure, trying to figure out how to make a fox and an owl pot too....? 

Totally Amazingly Beautiful Teapot // I found this on NOTHS and fell in love instantly, it's no secret that I'm a huge-huge fan of tea but even if I wasn't I'd still want this as it looks so beautiful - if I hated tea I'd use it for flowers! 

Wall Tapestries // I love this particular wall tapestry although it's only available on Urban Outfitters USA. The UK version has some gorgeous alternatives which I'm definitely considering using as a faux head board - I love anything with a bohemian edge and if you grow board of your tapestry you can absolutely repurpose this into something else. 

Lavender & Rose Incense DIY // Gorgeous scent with a happy home go hand in hand. For those who are a bit wary of chemicals or have allergies a homemade incense or even a homemade candle is really a great option as you can be sure of what's inside. This is an easy to follow tutorial which will result in some beautiful smelling incense.  

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  1. Ooh I love the teapot, such a lovely colour and shape! Really love the pendant lighting too and wish we had a room that they would suit :)

  2. I love the Copper light fixtures! I always say when I get my own home I want lots of copper in my kitchen x

  3. Ohh lovely items....I love the custom Song Lyrics Cushion....Never seen those before. How clever x

  4. Beautiful colour schemes, the kind I am going for... peach/pink/cream! Thanks for the tips x

  5. Oh wow, I'm in love with cushion. Love it!


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