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Friday Finds on Saturday // Comforts

It's the weekend again, is it just me or are the weeks getting faster now that the darker nights are setting in? This week has been good and bad - allergies have wracked me so it's been very much about comforts over the last seven days, nice cups of tea, chai and coffee, cosy blankets, new face creams, slippers and slouchy leisure wear - to be honest comforts are a welcome at any point but especially so when it's dark and raining outside eh. 

Weekend Outfits // There's nothing better than pulling on some stretchy jeans or leggings, a loose top and some awesome accessories - it's very simple but you really can't go wrong with an outfit like this one for any season and that's why it's hit today's Friday Finds. Sometimes we need clothing that can just be pulled on in a rush, that will make us look better when we're feeling utterly crap and a bit of Parisian chic can go a long way when you're doing the school run - especially in cliquey school run areas (mama bears out there will totally get the school run cliquey-ness). 

I'm not entirely sure who this lady is, as usual, if you know please let me know so I can credit her as the reverse Google search brings up too many sources. You can pick up similar jeans from H&M (link), top from Topshop (link) and the same style hat from Topshop too, honestly I prefer the Topshop version (link). 

Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate // This literally dropped into my Gmail an hour ago, I signed up for email notifications for The Prairie Homestead Blog because it's constantly filled with the most awesome tips, recipes and blog posts. I can relate to everything that's written on that blog - this Chai recipe sounds so good and is a bit partial to a good cuppa chai I will absolutely be trying this on Saturday as my previous chai mix has run out. If you've never had or tasted chai it's basically sweet, spicy (cinnamon, cloves etc) tea - it's actually so much better than I'm describing it *haha*. If you love cinnamon I'd recommend giving it a try for sure, check the recipe out on The Prairie Homestead Blog here (link

Anthropologie Cups // I adore Anthropologie but can't always splurge on my favourite things as it's not the cheapest store around, is it? Over the years I've finally learnt to splurge on the little things, after all, it's the little things that we use a lot and factoring in cost per use makes a splurge item so much more affordable than a cheap one that you won't get much enjoyment out of. For me my splurge items are typically candles, cups and stationery - this mug was purchased along with a couple of others in the sale and came in handy this week especially when I had to gulp down some hot lemon for my throat. Typically I'd just leave the hot lemon after a sip or two but drinking for a really nice mug makes it a treat - really splurging on Anthro mugs is good for your health if you share the same mentality as me (It's my excuse so I'm sticking to it). Currently, I own the With a Twist Mug (link), Attingham Mug in black (link) and the one above is unfortunately sold out but the Ayaka Mug is just as fab (link). 

Lipbalm Season // Available in four flavours - Orange Ginger, Peppermint, Naked and Lemon Lime these organic balms from the king of multifunction Castille soaps will soothe any chapped, sore and dry lips. These balms are a bit spesh because they are created using only Fair Trade organic essential oils, there are no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or nastiness - this means that these truly nourish right from first application, unlike their petrochemical cousins which coat the lips and then ultimately dry the hell out of your delicate lips.  These are available at ASOS for £3 (link), money well spent in my opinion. 

Words to Live By // 'You are what you believe you are...' such a simple quote but a very good one at the same time. Most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at it but delving deeper it becomes easy to see just how tough this quote is for some people. Not believing you deserve good things in your life, believing your not equal to others or not capable of achieving anything you set your mind to - if you fall into any of those categories then this quote is for you. It's a good reminder that unless you believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you. Work at changing this frame of mind and I promise you will reap the benefits very quickly. 

Tiny Animal Alert // I came across this cute post on Hello Giggles website/blog which shows teeny animals - who doesn't have time to check out some teeny tiny animals? 

Have a great weekend sweeties *mwah* 


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