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MAC Cosmetics // The Matte Lip Collection

Launching on the 9th of October The Matte Lip Collection by MAC features some gorgeous new shades for cheeks and lips which are perfect for those natural beauty autumnal looks we all seem to strive for but, at times, fall short of achieving. Having thought about where it all goes wrong I do think it comes down to finish, after all the sheer tones that are glossy are suited to warmer weather. In the colder seasons shades that are highly pigmented and have some grip and staying power are exactly what's needed.  

Lipsticks // Most of the eight shades are new and limited edition and there really is a shade to suit all skin tones. 

Damn Glamorous | Bright pinky-red matte
Fashion Revival | Deep matte raspberry
Heroine | Vibrant matte violet 
Living Legend | Deep matte plum
La Vie En Rouge | Bright coral-orange matte. 
Nouvelle Vogue | Soft matte blue-pink
Pander Me | Soft peach-mocha 
Styled in Sepia | Mid-toned cement-beige. 

Pro Longwear Blush // A beautiful cheek and a vibrant cool toned lip, topped with a swish of mascara and you're really good to go. 

Fleeting Romance | Coral. 
I'm a Lover | Romantic pink. 
Make You Mine | Mid-toned salmon. 

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil // Honestly I really love a good lip pencil for all over colour.You could absolutely use these as liner or all over lip colour if you want more grip. 

Absolutely It | Soft burgundy. 
Bespoken For | Dark plum cream.
Etcetera | Creamy beige.  
Fashion Boost | Bright cream purple
Staunchly Stylish | Pink-beige. 
Trust in Red | Bright cool toned cream red. 

So... are you in or out? If you're in you'll be able to pick up these items from Debenhams (link) and MAC counters. I'm thinking I'll be in eventually once I've got my Christmas finances in order *sigh* who else is starting to feel the seasonal stress creep up? 


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  1. I'm not sure about the matte lip thing. I guess I always imagine these kind of lipsticks to be quite drying. Love the colours though.

    1. It can be so scary can't it? I do pop a bit of nude gloss on the centre of my lips to add volume and give a bit of moisture. x

  2. They look good, I won't be buy any from this collection dont always think matte suits me.


    1. Matte's a tricky formula and can be scary for sure. I think I may pick up a lipstick but not until next year most probably. x


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