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I've had this sitting in drafts (I'm so bad at drafts aren't I) because I've been trying to realise exactly what I really feel about this product. For me, this was one of those products that I simply ''had'' to try and it had been sitting on the top of my must-buy/must-try list for years. I had heard some amazing opinions about how this really helped to strengthen people's hair, adding volume, shine and an overall appearance of health, I mean who doesn't want that right? 

My hair used to be very straight, thick and glossy as a child. Over the years it started to wave, frizz and thinned out severely - I had bald patches along my hairline after having my children and a flare-up again where my hair was falling out quite badly, even to this day I lose a lot of hair regardless of what treatments I put on it or supplements I take *sigh* I figured this iconic product would save the day, after all, it was originally created for Audrey Hepburn of all people! 

The product itself aims to add back moisture that's lost due to heat treatments, hair dyes and the UK temperamental weather, protecting your hair further with UV protection and overall improving the health of the hair and scalp. You basically apply this as a pre-shampoo treatment which you can apply then do your eyebrows, shave your legs or relax and read a magazine or a chapter or two - you then wash it off and shampoo and condition as normal. This is exactly what I did and I did decide to wait until morning to see if I did notice a difference, I then continued to use the Elasticizer each week until it was finished. 

Honestly, I noticed absolutely no difference in the strength, moisture or overall look of my hair during my time using this product. Granted it was a sample size and it may be that alone that lead to me not seeing a difference, I haven't completely written it off because it didn't leave my hair feeling frizzy, greasy or limp and it was a nice treatment to use so I really should purchase a full size to give this a true run shouldn't I? 

I purchased this sample size from Latest in Beauty when I noticed they had it in their 'Build a Box' section (link). This is the section where you can pick and choose what products you want to purchase normally at a reduced price because they're smaller or sample size. It's unfortunately not available anymore via that website but you can purchase it full-sized at Feel Unique for a fabulously fantastic sale price of £10.50 (link). 


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