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Primark | Good News- Bad News & More Good News

Guess what guys I have good news, good news and bad news so which do you want first? 

OK the good news first - Primark are teaming up in-store with Love Beauty by Monika Mohindra and will be offering customers the chance to get your pamper on while out shopping with a variety of services such as threading, brow shaping, brow tinting, mini and luxury manicures, lash extensions and funky nail art. The brand will launch initially into Manchester Primark this Monday but I've heard they're thinking of rolling it out in a variety of stores across the UK.  

Now the bad news.... ASOS no longer stock Primark! This of course means that you can't rely on getting your favourite items online and yup the need to quickly dash in store, grabbing everything you like so no-one snaps up your favourite pieces will be back on *sigh* 

And the last bit of good news is that they're autumn launches are available *yay* Some are in-store right now and others will be rolling out over the following month and here are some of those wonderful transitional pieces... 
Round Tassel Bag // £4 for this useful across the body bag? Yes please! 

Reversible Dog Tooth Scarf // £6 - I don't know about you but tartans and dog tooth prints are a must have for autumn/winter, maybe it's because I'm a Scot but I simply can't get enough of them. 

Wine Floppy Wool Hat // £8 - This also comes in black and is perfect for autumn, it's awesome for any season really but autumn it really comes alive when you team it with mixed texture outfits. 

Quilted Gloves // £8 - sophisticated and cosy looking but still stylish. These would be fab when you're heading to work or heading out somewhere special, for normal day wear I love my fluffy Superdry mittens (link) (the insides are like Ugg boots). 

Contrast Floral Dress // £13 - This will be a Marmite dress but I honestly adore these ladylike A-line dresses, comfortable and they also hide a huge array of lumps and bumps. 

Textured Quilted Sweater Dress // £13 - I actually saw this in store, my sons hated it and all chimed in with a huge 'ewwwwwwww' it looks like a granny dress *sigh* but I adored it. It's basically an A-line quilted dress, it looks really expensive and is superb quality. 

Jacquard Metallic Tunic // £13 - This isn't going to suit the more curvy or hippy lady like myself but as a dress I think it's very sophisticated and teamed with the right shoes this could look quite youthful.

Navy Scuba Dress // £13 - I can't believe this is only £13, last year these scuba dresses were huge and came with huge price tags, I will be snapping this up if it fits nicely, if it sticks to my lumps and irregularities then I will be gutted. 

Jacquard 60's Gingham Swing Dress // £13 - Team this with super thick black tights and some Mary-Jane styles 2 part shoes and you're ready to go, I adore this and it suits all body shapes. 

Slavo Studded Dress // £17 - Wow, this is so-so pretty isn't it. 

Check Zip Shift Dress // £13 - Honestly this is tartan and not check isn't it? adore-adore-adore. 

Quilted Sweater // £8 - This is basically the sweater version of the quilted dress above. Classic but the texture makes up for the plain style. 

Bird Embroidered Jumper // £14 - N'awwww it has birds embroidered on it, nuff said really. 

Floral Embroidered Jumper // This jumper is a cable style with gorgeous red embroidery all for £14. 

Embellished Sleeve Jumper // £18 - I really like when brands take a classic piece and add some small detailing (as if you can't guess from this line up). I really like how this is brighter but the detailing is on the sides, this would make it wearable for work or play wouldn't it. 

Devour Swirl Tee // £8 - It's dark, unusual but it still calls my name, should I buy this? Yes I should! 

Embellished Trophy Skirt // £16 - This reminds me of something Beyonce would rock. 

10 Sequin Tee // £18 - Finally wearable day sparkles... 

Mink Slouch Boots // £18 - I had a pair of slate grey ones last year and I literally wore those bad boys every few days as they go with everything. I seriously urge you to pick up these or similar boots for AW14 guys. 

Cut Out Detail Boots // £18 - I saw these! they also have some tan boots like these (£15) which are so incredible and I never bought them as I felt as though I'd bought too much, gutting it now though as they are too perfect. 

Black Suede Over The Knee Boots // £20 - If you're going to rock these keep your accessories to a minimum and try to go more street style than street walker style. I find mixing textures and darker tones, teamed with minimal makeup (maybe a darker lip) and loose styled hair looks amazing. Teaming this with bright tones, sparkles, sequins and lots of makeup, tan, accessories and overdone hair can make these look cheap. 

Double Buckle Metallic Shoes // £18 - You want something cosy but fun still in autumn, these are those shoes. I doubt I'd be able to walk in these so will give them a miss but I still think they look fab on others. 

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  1. What a lovely collection, Primark clothes are getting better and better and more stylish.

  2. The good news is really really good. Pampering would be great when out shopping.


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