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Salcura // Natural Skin Therapy Haul

I originally found Salcura years ago when trying avidly to find a company that created products which would help hubster. For many years he suffered from a skin condition that caused him to break out in an itchy rash, his skin was always dry and very sensitive but no doctor or consultant really knew why. He had medications, antibiotics, cream, lotions and potions all of which seemed to make it worse - at one point he felt like he was being 'eaten alive' by this rash and it really upset me seeing him so uncomfortable and sore and not being able to take the discomfort away for him. He was finally diagnosed with a condition called pityriasis rubra pilaris and when he told his consultant about Salcura at first his consultant didn't really believe that ''skincare'' could help.... when he went back months later even his consultant was shocked at the change which came just from using Zeoderm and the Dermaspray Intensive spray. 

Recently my skin has been going crazy and it's actually really upset me so much so I rarely take photo's anymore, I've tried antibiotics, antibiotic creams and lotions, natural supplements, nothing, chemical laden washes, scrubs and well... basically a ton of things but nothing helped my skin which had at that point turned into a cystic mess. Huge big cysts underneath the skin kept erupting and they were so sore - these weren't typical acne type spots and cysts because none of my spots, pimples, boils and cysts was turning into white or blackheads. I was advised it was due to my celiacs, food allergies as well as being allergic to the sun (I mean really??? Lupus tests pending) but still it was hugely upsetting and still is.

I decided to revert back to Salcura given how much it had helped hubster - these are the products I gladly picked up...

Body Hydrator // This hydration cream has a light lotion feel and is non-greasy. It's made with Omega 3, 5, 7 and 9 and I found it didn't sting when I applied or lead to the typical severe itch that many other brands had caused within minutes of application. 

Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser // The Zeoderm was one of the miracle products in helping hubsters skin complaints so I picked up the two available sizes - one for him and one for me (see I'm nice like that). This moisturiser is 99% natural, steroid free and everyone can use it and compared to the body hydrator this is more of an emollient it has a lovely fresh and natural scent and again doesn't itch or hurt when you apply it. I found this is also perfect under eye cream given its ability to really hydrate sensitive areas of skin. 

Face Hydrator // The 99% natural face hydration was very alike the body version but slightly thicker, it was wonderful for those times when my skin was a bit more greasy or combination and when I didn't want to use the thicker Zeoderm (day time for example). 

Omega Rich Shower Gel // This was a winner in the Silver household! so much so I've ordered it monthly since my initial order - due to hubsters condition his feet are very dry and no amount of care and attention resolve that, within ten days of using this his feet had started to resemble a normal persons, he even came running through pulling his leg up by the big toe just to make me feel how smooth they were haha. The boys loved it because it made their dry skin feel soft and I loved it because I could finally wash without feeling like I had to scratch off my skin (due to allergies). This really is a little protection bubble for your skin. 

Dermaspray Intensive // Again this was one of the original miracle products hence me buying the two sizes, apparently, this is so popular - and rightly so - that one is sold every five minutes. This is basically a spray that instantly takes away any itch or sting and is suited to all skin types including those with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. It's really fab to spray on your face or body due to it being so light and then you apply your Zeoderm or creams on top, especially in the evening after your bath when your pores are open and able to really take in those natural ingredients giving you that extra healing boost. 

I also picked up the free sample pack of the Antiac range which doesn't seem to be available at the moment; it may be worth emailing them just to double check this. Apologies for the fuzzy image I had no idea it was fuzzy until I uploaded it *oops* The sample pack includes: 

Daily Face Wash // (Also pictured at the top of the feature) Created with Salcura's key ingredients and also with the addition of aloe and coconut oil, this face wash cleans exceptionally well, it also reminds me somewhat of a more viscose Lush Ultra balm face wash. 

Antiac Liquid Spray // This is similar to the Dermaspray pictured above but is 97% natural and contains sea buckthorn, rosemary and lavender to really tackle problem skin. It feels light, natural and doesn't sting or leave you feeling greasy or uncomfortable and I do layer this up with the Face Hydrator for day use.  

Daily Face Wipes // These wipes are formulated with sea buckthorn to rejuvenate, rosemary to tone and help regenerate new cells and eucalyptus to work it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial magic. I purchased two packs and unfortunately, these were used up pretty quickly and hubster threw out the packaging of one which is why there's only one pictured (clearly doesn't know how this blogging lark works). I found the wipes to be a real treat because they cleaned really well without leaving that sting that you get from other brands, I also found they took mascara and panda eyes off easily but they left me feeling as though I had washed my face 'and' then applied moisturiser!

Overall I do feel the products helped, I no longer get the huge erupting boils and cysts but do still get the little skin coloured pimples all over due to the sun (bring on autumn!) I find when it's raining and the sun rays are on low that my skin starts to clear up with the help of Salcura but when the sun shines, of course my skin burns (within 10 minutes) and breaks out - it's not clear like it used to be but - and this is a big but - my skin is 100 times better since I started this new skincare routine. Even more so than when I was on antibiotic tablets daily (for months) and on the Dalcin antibiotic lotion and creams. 

I think that speaks volumes for this brand and those results factored with hubsters results and how kind the range is to my sons skin means I will be a life-long customer. I love that they don't use nasty parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and colourings or peroxides. Salcura is stocked in some Boots and you can pick it up on the Boots website (link) although they sell out super quickly. I fully recommend this brand and if you have any questions please feel free to email me guys. 

* Not sponsored or Affiliated although it may seem like it is haha * 


  1. I've never heard of this brand before, but it sounds pretty good from your review! :-)

    1. Thanks lovely, it really is fab I can explain just how fab it is but I doubt I'd feel this way about any other brand now xx

  2. I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your skin. And great that you found a brand that works.

    1. Hey Bintu, thanks lovely hopefully things clear up further once autumn ''officially'' hits us. Hope you're having a fab weekend. x


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