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Super!natural // Real Fruit Energy Drinks

I was kindly sent a few cans of Super!natural Real Fruit Energy Drink to try out. Normally this isn't something I would say yes to because I'm not a fan of artificial 'energy' drinks other than my typical cup of coffee but given that these were touted as being natural I had to give them a fair chance. 

I struggle with a lack of energy and severe fatigue daily and it really gets me down because I used to be someone who was very vibrant, funny and on the go - now I have to count which actions I'll do that day and which I simply can't, if you've heard of the spoon theory then that applies to me, if you've not heard of it I urge you to give it a quick read (link)- it's marvellous and so on point. 
 Super!natural Energy Drinks come in a sleek can with a modern ying-yang design on the front. They're the same size as their competitors cans and I was so apprehensive opening this; I worried it would taste gassy, chemical-like or so synthetic it would be a task fully drinking one can - I was pleasantly surprised as I was greeted with a tasty drink that was really fruity, I drank that can pre-tee quickly guys! Even my littlest dude was asking what the yummy smell was but there was no way he was getting any, I don't even let them drink fizzy juice. 
The drink is made with natural fruit juices and green coffee extract (which helps to boost your immune system and aid weight loss) - all natural ingredients! when you take daily medications (that you don't want to take), if you have a pretty shoddy diet, poor exercise regime or are just very toxic the last thing you want to add is more toxic ingredients right? That's why I am featuring this energy drink, it tastes awesome and doesn't leave you feeling shaky, nauseous or with pounding headache and it also has a very pretty packaging design (gah, I'm a sucker for packaging and design, Super!natural you had me at first glance). 

You can buy this from lots of stores across the UK and online at Real Foods, each can cost £1.50 for 250ml. 


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