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Trends | Pretty Boho Beards

A little bit different from the usual post but this new hipster trend struck me straight away hook line and sinker. I adore flowers, I've come round to beards recently and combining the both just seems oh-so-right doesn't it? 

So I will close my mouth and let these wonderful images do all of the talking...

I adore how happy this guy is!

He may be wearing flowers but I can still totally imagine how rocking a kilt and throwing his Highlander sword around like a manly man... 

How dare this dude have better skin than me, guy... put more flowers in that beard to distract us! damn you! 



This needs more wildflowers. 

This guy's too beautiful isn't he? Is he a model? does anyone know? 

1. Swagger New York | 2. Die Hipster | 3. Will It Beard | 4. Instagram @chrisbringleejr | 5. Nica Molara | 6. Peter Yankowsky | 7. Iris Bjork | 8. Instagram @danaggi  

So that happened. Guys with beard flowers - is it right or wrong? 


Statement: Nothing to disclose


  1. Such an interesting concept. Not sure my hubby would approve though. :-)

    1. Hahah, I can relate to that. I'm not sure my hubster would either, but it's so pretty :) x

  2. Is this real really? Not sure I would like hubby to have this style


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