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Another draft pulls out guys, I'm really tackling this draft box this month because I tend to put my ideas straight into draft rather than writing them in a notebook purely because the scatterbrain that I am tends to lose notebooks *sigh* Adding my ideas to draft makes sure they're never lost but... I tend to lose posts that I have written ready to publish in the mass of creative ideas - whoops! 

U Little Beauty is a brand that started in Australia, the brand really care about the formula of their products and use natural ingredients, they want to provide products that will suit all skin tones, all body and facial care needs but without the nasty carcinogens, immune altering, hormone-disrupting ingredients that so many popular brands carry. 

I tried two of their products earlier this year which were... 

Conditioning Lip Balm // Formulated with calendula flowers, lemon myrtle, Castor oil, beeswax and vitamin E this lip balm will absolutely add back moisture while hydrating even the worst chapped lips. What's fantastic is that this lip balm really does perform, it tastes slightly citrus but in a natural way and it absolutely steers clear of any nasty parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrance - actually there are only six products in this whole balm! 

Foaming Cleanser // This gorgeous, light and fluffy cleanser were formulated with calendula flower extract, aloe leaf juice, lavender, plum extract, oak bark extract, Witch Hazel and rosemary leaf extract. Once again it's a fantastic product that really performs, cleaning and washing away makeup residue without stripping my skin of its necessary oils. This smells really light and herbal and it's really gorgeous which is hard to describe because it's a cleanser? 

I was really surprised at how much I liked both of these products, the funny thing is they sat for ages going unused, the initial draft post sat for ages going unpublished which made me wonder why after all the products stood up against much larger high street and luxury brands? I then realised it was shocking because the packaging was pretty blah and my magpie instincts had shunned it *oops* guys if you're looking for a natural option for your basics (lips, body, face care etc) then I do really recommend this brand - if you can get over the unexciting packaging then give them a bash for sure. 

Because they are an Australian company there are a few places you can get them from in the UK, Amazon and Mahi Naturals seem to carry a good selection. 


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