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Yankee Candle | Christmas Advent Calendars 2014

It's that time of year again when most bloggers pull out their Christmas must buys and calendars - I am one of those bloggers - sorry-not-sorry. 

Featured is two of the 2014 Yankee Candle Advents which contain either tea lights or tea lights and sampler candles. The calendar pictured above contains 25 tea light candles which can be burned in their fabulous burners or you can float them - not sure if anyone floats candles anymore but they float anyhow. Either way, you'll get around four to six hours of gorgeous scent per candle once lit, that's not bad, is it? 

There's a range of current seasonal scents in this calendar and apparently, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles (it's gorgeous), Angels Wings (another favourite), Cranberry Ice and Christmas Garland will all make a feature behind one of those calendar doors *squee* 

Next calendar...

A 3D calendar, especially good if you've run out of Blu-Tac or pushpins which always seem to happen when you need them but when you don't you always have them to hand, stand on them (ouch) or find all of your crap sticking to some lump of Blu-Tac in a drawer?? (who's with me?) This candle is a bit more special because it contains 23 wonderfully seasonal tea lights and 1 sampler. I so wished they'd create a tart advent or a tart and sampler advent because I would be snapping that up straight away *makes a memo to email Yankee owner* 

The candles included in the advent are Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Garland, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Memories, Christmas Eve Sampler, Sugared Apple, Spiced Orange and Snowflake Cookie. 

These are apparently selling out and pre-orders are selling out and it's all going a bit Yankee advent crazy apparently. If anyone remembers it was exactly the same last year so if you fancy picking one of these calendars up I recommend you do it asap. Having a scan of the Internets the 3D limited edition calendar is around £21 on Amazon right now (amazing bargain!) and the normal shaped advent is around £26 on Amazon, both are so much cheaper than the RRP's and I've seen others selling the normal shaped one for £35+ already on eBay - I think I may go purchase the 3D advent? Who's with me/ 


  1. i cant christmas is so close scary to think, i love the idea of a 3d calender

  2. I love the stand up advent calender, it would just look lovely in my house so may have to get this rather than something stuffed with chocolate!



  3. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas yet but I absolutely love these, especially the little house.


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