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Yankee Candle // Special Autumn Edition Candles

Yankee Candle masters of the home scent are releasing a few special edition candles for autumn. They do this every so often which makes us YC fans really happy, I hate when they retire scents that I've just fallen in love with or you hear about a scent from a friend, which then makes you want to try it only to find out that it's no longer available. Typically when I visit the YC website the first section I head to is the specials or 'new' section because these beauties sell out mega fast. 

With autumn round the corner *yay* these scents are perfect for that transition from summer to darker autumn nights, I find that scents really can be categorised into seasons - autumn scents for me are earthy - a great mixture of woods, florals and fruits with that earthy undertone that gives it some real depth. If you're a clean cotton only type of girl then this range of scents may not be up your alley but if you like your unisex, sultry or powerful scents I'd recommend giving these a go. There's six stand-outs for the AW14 special release and those are...

Apple Pumpkin // Home-grown apples and pumpkins, two of Autumn's classic aromas, come together in a welcome, cosy, inviting fragrance that fills the home with delicious warmth. 

Cinnamon Appleberry // The welcoming aroma of tart apples and sugary berries laced with cinnamon. 

Pomegranate Cider // An autumn treat... tart pomegranate juice with sweet vanilla and spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves. 

Grapevine & Oak // A naturally appealing, full bodied aroma of crisp grapes, citrus and oak. 

Harvest // An autumn classic. The rich hues of the harvest - with golden spices softened and smoothed by the addition of sweet autumn fruits and musk - come together in an inviting blend. Cinnamon, cloves and musk, with a hint of sweet apples and pumpkin. 

Vanilla Oak // Exclusive to the Yankee website Vanilla Oak is described as the comfort and richness of fine aged wood and fresh vanilla spice. 

I know I'm going to purchase the Harvest and Grapevine & Oak candles, I'm more of a sampler and tart kinda of girl than a large jar but when a scent comes along that I have to own I will quite willingly spend £20+ for a candle that burns for 150 hours - with Yankee Candles you know that you're getting value for money really. All of these scents are available on the Yankee Candle website (link) right now so be super quick as some may sell out! 


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  1. omg I am so jealous! I love yankee candles. It's the only good part of it getting darker earlier! I had a yankee candle last year and it really did the fully 150+ hours I swear, I never blew the blooming thing out for a week haha x

    1. They really do as long as you take care of the wick (trim it, light the candle until it pools evenly and trim any mushrooming away from the end of the wick), I really adore the small votive samplers for new scents as they smell just as incredible, have you tried any YC candles hun? x

  2. I love a candle and especially good smelling ones which remind me of Christmas. I'd like to see if it really does the 150 hours!

    1. Oooh I absolutely agree, you really can't beat cinnamon or mulled wine scents can you? x


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