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My Huge Candle Wishlist // Home Scent Brands

Most bloggers have a beauty wish list as long as their arm - some maybe as long as their own selves but my wish list differs from most because it tends to be filled with candles, slippers and home decor pieces - especially cushions and blankets. I've not published as many posts lately because we're getting ready to move house (crazy I know especially since we'll move so close to Christmas) so this has lead to my wishlist growing longer and longer. 

Because my wish list is getting so long I figured dedicating a post to my must have candles would be a great way to keep track of it and to inspire you guys with some new candles brands and scents. I tend to opt more for the warm, herbal, foodie or spicy scents and the more unisex they are the better. I adore Christmas scents as long as they stay well away from Apple (bleurgh) and scents that are filled with cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, amber or sandalwood are a real weakness for me. 

These 35 or so candles are a just a small fraction of candles that I badly wish to own, the reality of my wishlist is there are probably more than 50, especially if I was to include all of the Yankee Candle scents that I love. When it comes to candles there are a few things I look for; packaging is what initially draws me in - I would only buy a candle that would look nice on display and poor label design is one thing that can put me off an amazing candle pretty quickly. The second thing is of course scent - a scent that is strong, unique and makes me feel something gets major points and a candle that still delicately scents your home while not lit gets top marks. The last few points are mushrooming, soot and an even burn, of course, this will only apply once I've tried a brand but if I find it happens with a few candles or a few scents within one brand it can absolutely put me off re-purchasing. 

There are a few within the same brand that I've included such as

Herve Gambs | The French flower passione makes a range of flower based scents and candles that sound so luxurious it's hard not to want them, it's particularly the Bois de Cashmere and Essence de Figuier candles I'd love. 

Per Una | I chose a few of these gorgeous M&S candles simply because of the design which is crazy, but then so is the beautiful mirrored glass jars they come in. The scents I really want to try are the pink ribbon jar and the olive green jar. I'm also loving the gold glass pineapple candle jar they've just launched. 

Cire Trudon | Nazareth, Dada, Spiritus Sancti and Carmelite are all on my list. I've never tried any of these candles simply because they're in the upper range of what I'd ever considered paying for a candle but these scents hold some form of intrigue for me because they're so different from any other brand. 

Diptyque | Their packaging is so simple but classically beautiful at the same time, I still have my candle tumblers way after they burned simply because they can be repurposed as makeup brush holders, bobby pin holders, toothbrush holders and so much more. I have tried a few of them and was only ever disappointed with their Encens des Indes (Indian Incense) candle which smelled a little too floral and soapy for my deep resinous loving nose. That being said it hasn't put me off and I badly want Resine, Benjoin, Ambre Cognac and Oranger candles. 

L'Occitane | L'Occitane never fail to impress me and I love their range and prices - as much as I love the brand, funnily enough, I've never tried a candle? crazy I know. I plan to change that soon though (most probably 2015) with their Spicy Cinnamon candle (link). 

Jo Malone | The medium range luxury home scent and body care brand that so popular, it's rare to see a blogger without it. I love the strength and depth of their scents but sometimes wish they were a little more complex. Regardless, I really want to add Incense & Embers and Nectarine Blossom & Honey to my candle collection. 

Yankee Candle | I'm a huge-mega-mega fan of YC candles and always have a stash of tarts and jars on hand at any given time. Although I am a mega fan there are scents I love and scents I hate and I'm not naive to believe they're consistently flawless although, when they create a good scent-they-do-it-extremely-well and it's their scent range, strength and price point that continues to draw me in. I adore Witches Brew, Silver Birch and Cosy Sweater and Soft Blanket and I want to add Grapevine & Oak (Harvest Collection), Harvest, Shea Butter (coming soon) and Aloe Water (coming soon) to my collection. 

True Grace | I have only tried one candle from True Grace and I was impressed (review here). Although I realised I had opted for the totally wrong scent, the scent that came from the candle was really strong and so complex I couldn't not be impressed. This time round I really want to try their Amber No 31 candle. 

Flamingo Candles | *hangs head in shame* I have never tried Flamingo Candles, there's no reason why other than I was drawn in by the other brands but having heard amazing reviews, I do want to try their White Tea & Mint and Patchouli & Orange scents - have any of you lovelies tried these scents? 

Hunter Candles | Another brand I've tried and loved enormously, this was actually stronger than Yankee Candle but not in a way that it becomes offensive. I previously tried and loved their Smoked Damask Rose Candle (review here) and loved it - so much so I really want to buy another as well as their Warm Dusk candle, probably before I purchase any of these other candles - I really was that impressed. **** Just checked and they have a 50% off and free shipping guys!****

So enough about me and the candles I want, are there any brands or candle scents you want to try that I've missed? 


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