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Every Girls Dream Wedding

I read a lot of other sites on fashion and beauty, and I’ve noticed that there is a lot of discussion on wedding themes. I understand the reasons why people choose themes, and I agree that they are a good idea. What bothers me is the actual themes they are choosing. I recently came across photos of an Adam and Eve themed wedding. Sounds alright, I thought. That was until I came across the picture of the bride and groom wearing nothing but four leaves between them. I would never dream of standing, nearly naked, in front of all my friends and family at any time, let alone my wedding day. It made me wonder what has happened to the kind of wedding we all dreamt of as young girls. The kind of wedding that is based on fairy tales; simple, yet magical. Here is how I imagine every girl’s dream wedding would play out today…

The invitations should be minimal and elegant. The ideal design would be an off-white square card with gold calligraphy. I’ve seen this kind of style from Paper themes and other wedding stationery providers.

The venue would be a historic building; perhaps a castle or stately home. There are so many of these beautiful buildings around the country that I imagine it would be very difficult to choose! However, I do love the Berkeley Castle and Hengrave Hall, assuming money was no problem of course. I think outdoor wedding photography is the best, so it is essential that the venue has a beautiful garden.

The dress. I imagined myself in a princess style dress at my wedding when I was younger, as I imagine a lot of other girls did. The kind with the fitted bodice and the full skirt that’s white and shimmers when you move. There are so many options for wedding gown styles these days that I think many would be tempted by something different. It is still possible to add a little fairytale glamour to a modern style dress, however. A little sparkle in the material, an exquisite headpiece and a pair of embellished silver shoes would do the trick nicely.

The arrival. A horse-drawn carriage would be a wonderful way to arrive at a wedding. However, I do think that the popularity of this kind of wedding transport has diminished in recent years. It is important to make a memorable entrance though. A classic car or something sporty would work.

The decorations. The flowers at the dream wedding would be classic and understated. Bouquets of roses in white and pastel pinks or white tulips with vivid green leaves.

There is a lot of pressure on brides these days to come up with a unique theme for their wedding. I think a particular theme should be picked because it represents something that is important to you and your partner. Not because it surprises, or even shocks, your guests. And don’t forget to borrow ideas from that beautiful and magical wedding you dreamed of as a girl.

What did you dream your wedding day would be like as a child?


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