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Falling For Celestial Themed Beauty Products

With so many new beauty products coming out on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep up with them all. Some of my favourite designs of recent years have been those with a celestial theme. There is something magical about the night sky and when you mix it with beauty products, you have two of my favourite things.

I would absolutely love it if someone used the online star register and named me my own star. Until that happens, I’ll just have to make do with these stunning products instead though. These are just a selection of the products I’ve seen during my beauty buying adventures. Let me know if you’ve come across anything else exciting that I haven’t mentioned.

Charlotte Tilbury The Fallen Angel Quad

This eyeshadow quad is a real winner on all counts. Anything from Charlotte Tilbury is pretty much guaranteed to be exquisite quality, but this has been a firm favourite to date. You can use the eyeshadows dry to create a stunning smoky eye or a subtle shimmer effect. Use them with a wet brush, and you'll get a gorgeous metallic effect that is perfect for evening wear. I love how perfectly the little stars are embossed in the powder and how glamorous the whole palette looks in general. A great purchase for any occasion.

Stila ‘In the light’ Palette

The in the light palette by Stila is one of those palettes that really delivers. It comes with a selection of shades that are neutral enough for everyday wear but also have a beautiful shimmer effect to add on the evenings. This looks great and won't break the bank either. Stila are becoming well respected in the beauty industry. Their packaging and products are always an absolute joy to behold.

When the clock strikes Midnight eyeshadow palette

This is a super cute little eyeshadow palette that is ideal for kids and adults, unfortunately I don't have a photo of it but you can find an image via Emzie Cole's blog (link) It would make a great first eyeshadow palette for a teen. I’m not sure if you can still get these but when they were first released they were stocked in most beauty stores. Mine came from Boots, and I think it was released as part of their Christmas gift range. It is small enough to fit into your handbag or to take on your travels. I love the cute Disney style it has about it.

Image Source | Disconcering Palette

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

The ambient lighting blush palette from Hourglass is now a cult classic in the world of beauty. While this hasn't got stars or the night sky theme as such, there is something magical about it. It reminds me of stardust or sparkling galaxies and how they light up the night sky. This product is fantastic for everyday use and acts as a blush and a highlighter to perfectly frame your face. A great little blush palette for use at any time of the year. With spring approaching, this is a brilliant way of brightening your complexion and avoiding that pale winter look.

Have I missed something special? I would love to hear your suggestions for anything else in this celestial theme.


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