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The Best Things to Buy For a New Mother


When you hear one of your friends has a baby on the way, it’s a cause for celebration. There’s a good bet that she will have a baby shower to commemorate the event. These are always a fun and joyful occasion. Everybody gets together to celebrate the fact that new life is on its way.

It is custom at a baby shower for guests to bring gifts for the baby. But often mum can get neglected. It is as important for the mother to get things that will help her as it is for the baby. Most people will likely buy clothes, toys or bath stuff for baby and mother. But you have the opportunity to be a little more original by going for one of these ideas.

Carry Sling

A practical and fashionable gift idea for a new mother is to get a baby carrier sling or front carrier. Mum (or Dad) can strap the carrier onto their body, pop baby in and walk around for the day. This is useful as it means that mum can get her day-to-day tasks done and doesn’t always need to push a pushchair around. It frees up hands and balances baby’s weight much better. It also makes baby and mummy feel safe as they are both snuggled up together. Plus the carriers are renowned for their safety and durability.


If you want a gift that is a little more original and personal then you should get a scrapbook. Most people will buy clothes or toys. But these are gifts for baby. It’s important for mummy to have something tangible as well. A baby scrapbook is a fantastic idea, and you can get hold of specific newborn scrapbooks. In these books, mum and dad can document firsts for their baby. For example, news headlines on the day of birth. Pictures of the first bath, first steps and other firsts throughout the baby’s life. This sort of gift will go on to become a treasured family keepsake that the parents can refer to. Once the baby grows up it can look back on the memories in the book.

Retro Gift

For something a bit different, you could always go for a retro gift. These are a variety of gifts, some practical others more fun. These gifts often have sentimental appeal, and you may find one from mum’s childhood. This would be ideal. Nostalgia is important for a mother as she prepares to give birth. It’s important for her to fondly remember her childhood and a retro gift will help with that. Something from Rex International would be perfect. You might even find they have a baby-related retro gift as well. This way you can give two gifts in one.

Nappy Changing Kit

Some of the most important things you can buy for any new parent are practical gifts. Taking care of a baby is hard work. It’s important for new mothers to make sure they have the relevant equipment to do this. So one of the best things you can buy for a new mum is a nappy changing kit. This is perhaps the one thing that mum will use above anything else for the first year or so. Baby’s nappy will need changing multiple times daily. By giving a nappy changing kit you prepare mum and dad for this task. This kit may contain nappies, spare nappy changing bags and a special nappy bin for dirty nappies.


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