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Tips for Organising a Memorable Christening Or Naming Ceremony

Having a christening or naming ceremony for your children is the perfect way to celebrate their arrival in the world, as well as introduce them to the religious side of life if that’s what you're into. People who aren't overly religious hold similar celebrations called naming ceremonies for their kids, as they still have faith to a certain extent. It is not compulsory, it’s your own personal preference.

Some adults even decide to get christened if they have not been previously, especially if they have become religious as they have grown. I thought I'd share with you my tips for organising a memorable christening, whether it’s your own or for your child!

Select an Appropriate Location for Before/After

You'll need to choose a suitable church or for the actual christening ceremony, and a place you can gather afterwards to have some food and a drink with your loved ones. You’ll need to make sure the venue for the after the event is big enough and will be suitable for the kind of celebration you have in mind. Send

Out Your Invites With all of the Details in Advance

Make sure you send your invites out in advance and include all of the relevant details so there are no excuses in that respect. Don’t forget anybody, and follow up a little while after to make sure their invite was received. The more notice you give, the better for your guests. Some will no doubt have work commitments. You must be organised!

Find a Caterer or Plan the Food and Drink Yourself

You can always make the food and plan the drink yourself, or you can hire a caterer. In some cases, a caterer will be provided with the after venue. It’s probably best if you serve a buffet for your guests rather than a sit-down meal.

Source Decorations to Set the Scene for Celebration

You need to set the scene for a celebration, and one way to do this is with decorations. Source your decorations carefully to make sure you're getting the best deal. You can use personalised balloons, wall hangings, centrepieces, and more. It all depends on your budget.

Set up a Table Exclusively for Gifts

There’s usually a gift table at a christening after-party, as many people will like to commemorate the occasion with something thoughtful. Set aside a table for this, but ensure somebody keeps a close eye on it at all times. It can be heartbreaking when somebody you think you know steals gifts and money out of cards, but I’ve heard of this happening multiple times. A good idea if you’re having a double christening with a girl and a boy, is to put the girl’s gifts on one half of the table and the boy’s christening gifts on the other half.

Select Something Beautiful to Wear

Christenings call for your Sunday best, so choose something beautiful to wear!

Consider Hiring a Photographer/Videographer

You may want to capture those special moments on camera, so consider hiring a photographer/videographer. You could also call a friend in to do you a favour!

Whatever you decide to do I hope it brings you lots of joy and that your special day goes to plan.


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