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6 Ways Playing Music Benefits Children

Is your child a budding guitar player? A piano lover? A drummer maniac? A future violinist? Learning to play a musical instrument is beneficial to children. But, why should your little one learn to play an instrument?

For children, music has many benefits. Experts suggest that allowing your child to play a musical instrument will give them many advantages.

Still, need persuading? Then have a read of this.

1. Music boosts brain power

Do you want to give your children the chance to boost their educational ability? It might sound odd, but music can actually do that.

According to music experts, a number of studies are suggesting that children who are higher academic achievers play a musical instrument. This is because music can stimulate the parts of the brain that are linked to educational subjects like maths and reading.

2. Music helps to improve memory

Playing a musical instrument can also help your kids to improve their memory. Are you sick of asking your children where they left their book bag? Then perhaps it would be a good idea to start them off learning music.

Studies have shown that participating in music lessons from a young age, can help to improve a child’s memory and learning ability. This is because playing music helps to stimulate important parts of the brain.

3. Playing music can help your child’s social development

Learning to play a musical instrument, such as the piano or guitar can help your child to improve their social development skills.

Studies have suggested that children who play a musical instrument as part of a school band or ensemble will learn and establish many valuable life skills. Valuable life skills, such as, how to work as part of a team, how to relate well to others and how to be happy with the rewards of working as part of a team.

If you are concerned about the cost of your child learning to play music, there are plenty of ways around the high costs. For example, instead of buying a piano, you could rent one from a piano hire company like Markson or ask a friend to teach your child music, instead of a school-based teacher.

4. Music teaches patience

Being patient is essential in every part of life, so it is important that your children learn to master the skill of patience.

Playing in a band or musical group will allow your kids to understand the importance of patience. Before your child can play their piece of music, they have to wait for the right time. Otherwise, the whole piece will sound a mess.

To be successful in life good confidence is vital. Helping your child to become more confident can be tricky, but playing a musical instrument can help.

According to research, if a child learns a new piece of music by themselves or develops a new musical skill, their confidence will improve. This is because they understand that they can do new things and succeed at them.

6. Playing music is an excellent form of expression and creativity

Children love to express themselves, and music is an excellent way for them to do so. For children, playing music brings them happiness, pleasure and allows them to express their emotions through a piece of music.

Most importantly, music is an excellent way to encourage your children to be creative and express themselves.


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