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Adding These Foods To Your Diet Could Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that there are many foods that can actually help you to lose weight? Many healthy and delicious ingredients make us feel fuller for longer and increase our metabolism, contributing to weight loss. So, don't waste your energy on another fad diet. Stock up on plenty of these fat-busting ingredients and watch the pounds drop.


Fresh fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and veggies are mostly made up of water. The water in fruit and veg fills you up, which means you eat less. Research has shown that women who eat plenty of food with high water content have smaller waists and lower body mass indexes than women who don’t eat this kind of diet. Not only will you get many of the vital nutrients your body needs, but by increasing the amount of fruit and veg in your meals, you will also be contributing to your weight loss goals. Look at these easy ways to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables.


Proteins found in eggs, in both the yolk and white, encourage the release of glucagon in our bodies. Glucagon is a hormone that combats belly fat and assists in fat burning. Eggs also keep us fuller for longer, meaning we eat less. They are incredibly versatile but do make sure you are eating them in healthy recipes, not cakes or other naughty treats. Boiled, poached and scrambled are the healthiest ways to eat eggs.

Chia seeds

These amazing little seeds are rich in minerals including iron and calcium and have many benefits for our inner beauty. Chia seeds are like sponges that can hold up to twenty times their weight in liquid. When we eat them, they soak up sugar and stabilise our blood sugar levels. Add a little water to a handful of chia seeds and watch how they plump up in size. Chia seeds are a perfect addition to oatmeal and muesli's to create a breakfast that will certainly keep your hunger at bay until lunchtime.


That satisfying cup of tea is about to get a lot more enjoyable. There are many different types of tea for weight loss. For example, peppermint tea. Peppermint speeds up your digestion, assisting your body to burn more calories. Green tea contains a chemical that increases the rate of the body’s metabolism and helps to burn fat. In fact, it is estimated that drinking green tea can burn up to 70 calories a day.


Beans are chosen by many as a less fattening way to get protein than certain meats and cheeses. As well as this, they are also high in fibre so stave off hunger for longer.

All of these healthy and delicious foods can help you shed the pounds. It must be noted that you will only see results if you eat these ingredients as part of a healthy, balanced weight-loss diet. When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about managing your calories. Enjoy these ingredients as part of your daily intake for the best results.


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