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Cath Kidston & Gola Collaboration || Game Changers

Show me a kitten heel or a flat any day and I will swoon until my hearts ready to burst. Trainers, meh not so much. That is until I saw these beauties which have just been launched by the shabby queen extraordinaire - Cath Kidston and retro footwear extraordinaire's - Gola. 

Gola never intrigued me either as a teenager as they looked too retro, too dull and just didn't have the wow factor, these Cath Kidston versions made me sit up and take notice because they are just so feminine! if you're a fan of a CK print then you have to see the beauty in these babies.  

Mini Cloud | These are the ones that initially stood out, from what I know I believe you get bright and normal laces too with each pair so you can choose to be 'out there' or subdued (well as subdued as you can be in bright blue cloud trainers). 

Paradise Fields | White trainers which are oh-so-beautiful. Once I saw these I no longer cared about the clouds. I figured I could probably get away these without looking like a wannabe-hipster mummy too. These come with blue and white laces - you know what, I'd totally rock those blue laces! 

Patchwork | These are my least favourite only because I'm so in love with the Paradise Fields and I'm being overly picky. I'd have probably loved these to have more polka dots or more baby yellow nearer the front or if they came with red laces instead of the blue but like I said, I'm being picky. 

Paradise Fields | Trainers in Navy (said in the voice of Janice off Friends) Oh-My-Gawd! these are so beautiful. These come with red and navy laces - both are completely workable for teens to hipsters to adults. These beauties make me want to start caring for my tootsies and even, dare I say it? ... start running *gasp* anyone who knows me will know that's not something I've ever - and I really mean EVER said in my life. I just don't do fitness and sports. These trainers are my game changer. 

All four designs cost £65 each and are of course available over on the Cath Kidston website. Who else is feeling the butterflies in their tummy while looking at these pretty trainers? Which ones would you pick? 

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