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Great Easter Holiday Entertainment Ideas For You and Your Children


The Easter holidays are just a few weeks away, and I can just hear Mums and Dads all over the country shouting “how will I keep them entertained?!” In this post, I will present all you panicking parents with some of my tried and tested Easter holiday ideas. Hopefully, they will keep your children, and you, happy during this break.

Plenty of Easter fun!

Easter, like Christmas, is on its own an entertaining time for children. That means there are plenty of exciting holiday-related things you can do with your kids during this break. For example, painting and decorating eggs is a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. As is designing and creating Easter bonnet’s and cards for family, friends, and teachers. Baking Easter treats such as creme egg cupcakes or carrot cakes will also be lots of fun for the whole family.

Take advantage of the Easter TV

The Easter holidays usually means there are plenty of children’s films and television shows on. If you need to get on with household or work tasks, plonk your kids down in front of a great Disney classic or new film, and that will certainly keep them entertained for a while. Also, if you have recording capabilities on your television, I would advise looking ahead to see if there is anything good on and record it. This is just in case there is nothing suitable on when you really need to rely on the TV to provide entertainment. 

Take part in local activities 

At Easter time, there will often be children’s activities arranged in your local community. This could be a big Easter egg hunt or a village egg and spoon race. Have a look on community notice boards and online for any events that might be taking place in your local area.

Spend time in the garden

Your garden will be starting to flower in Easter and all the beautiful daffodils, tulips, and crocuses will be filling your outdoor area with colour and interest. Spending plenty of time in the garden is a great way to keep your kids occupied over the holidays. You could encourage them to join you in gardening or just spend some time investigating the different plants and looking out for signs of wildlife.

Take a trip away 

A trip away is a great way to keep the kids entertained while giving you the well-earned break that you and your partner need. Picking a family-friendly destination, like Blackpool, is a very wise idea as there will be plenty of options for children’s entertainment. The Easter holidays will be busy in locations like this, so Blackpool tickets for the main attractions should be bought in advance. 

I hope you are feeling a little better about the upcoming school holidays and are armed with plenty of activities that will ensure you and your kids are kept happy. Please feel free to contribute your ideas for Easter fun for the children. Have a wonderful break when it comes! 


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