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Great Ideas For Your Kids First Costume Party

When your kids get invited to their first party, it really is a cause for celebration. It can also be a source of relief to you too, knowing your kids are popular. We always worry about how our kids are getting on at school and if they are making good friends. A party invitation is certainly a sign there is little to worry about. The trouble is, the invite is for a fancy dress party! Now you have to come up with some great ideas, or find the cash to buy one.

Most mums just don’t have the time or the skill set to make elaborate costumes for fancy dress parties. There will always be one or two that stay up three nights in a row desperately trying to finish something they wish they hadn’t started. There are some great fancy dress stores out there that cater for adults and children’s costumes. If you were to volunteer to chaperon or help out at the party, you could also grab yourself a costume. It is always good fun to get involved with events like these, and it is a great way to get to know some of the other parents too.

Kids usually have a good idea of what they want to dress up as. The challenge for you is whether or not you will agree to let them have makeup on to enhance the character. For most of us the costume is enough. Most parties or kids events seem to have face painters ready to go when you arrive anyway, so you could miss this part out if you choose to. Otherwise, be sure to use the sensitive, or kids paint makeups to avoid skin irritation on young skin.

Popular characters that kids love to dress up as are usually from their favourite TV programmes or films. Buzz Lightyear can be handmade (see the film itself for an idea of how to do this), but costumes are fairly easy to come by. Some kids love Frozen at the moment, and the stores are meeting this demand slowly so be prepared for some possible disappointment.

Other favourite characters are Thomas the Tank Engine, and MimMim. A train and a giant purple rabbit are definitely not easy to reproduce, but there are some good fancy dress costumes out there. If all else fails, try a tee shirt bearing their fave characters. It is not always easy to set your kids up with the characters they most love, so dealing with disappointment is one of the things a costume party invitation can bring.

Even if your kids can’t get their first choice costume, there are hundreds to choose from. At the end of the day, the party and the chance for social interaction is what is most important. Kids soon forget the trauma of earlier in the day once they get settled into their parties. The jelly and ice-cream are quite handy for this too! While buying a costume might be a little more expensive, sometimes the money is worth it to spare you a lot of time and trouble.


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