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Great Ideas To Keep The Kids Occupied Over The Holidays


Spending some valuable time over the holidays with your children can be both fantastic and a little stressful. It is a great time to bond, but it can also be quite a task trying to think of great things to do with them. If they aren't properly engaged or entertained they can sometimes act up due to boredom. Below are some simple, fun and entertaining ways to keep the little ones amused over the holidays.


No matter if you have boys or girls, kids love to get their hands dirty and get involved. Simple cookery such as cakes and biscuits are usually the best option to go down. Depending on the age of your children you can go a little bit further and try something more advanced. One of the best ways to do this on a budget is to see what you already have in the pantry and then give the kids a choice or various different things you can make. That way you clear out some of your ingredients that have probably been around a while and the kids buy into it because they have a choice of what to make.

Whatever age your kids are they will no doubt enjoy arts and crafts. This can be as simple as painting or Play-Doh to more advanced things like card and jewellery making. Remember to supervise your children if they are under a certain age as many small items are easily swallowed. One great time-saving bit of advice is to pick a glue gun from a site such as gluegunsdirect.com, this will allow faster gluing for impatient kids. Just remember to make sure it is only you who uses the gun as they can get hot.

Treasure Hunt
One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to keep the kids busy for hours is a treasure hunt. This can be done either inside or out depending on the weather and can be scaled for different age ranges. For example, the smaller kids version can be done with little notes ready for them. The older kids version can be a little more educational using trivia questions with the answers pointing to various objects around the home or garden.

Making music doesn't have to be hard. If you have actual instruments around it is obviously much easier but with some imagination and a few household objects, you can easily make a band between you. Music has been known to benefit your child's development too.

Film Something
Most kids these days have access to phones or tablets, or with a little supervision, they can borrow yours. This is a great way to let those little creative juices free and get them to make a movie using their favourite dolls or action figures. Better still let them document their holidays of playing at home with you. Giving your child a boost up on technology is a no brainer in this day and age. Simple programs are usually packaged free with most computers that allow simple video editing.

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