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How To Host An Easy Easter Party For The Kids


I host an Easter party for my kids and their friends in most years. So, I thought it would be helpful, as this holiday is fast approaching, to provide some of my top tips for throwing an easy Easter children’s party. I know, the words “easy” and “children’s party” rarely go hand in hand. However, with a bit of planning and a cool head, trust me, it can be done! Let’s take a look. 


I don’t bother with buying, writing and sending invitations; it just takes too long, and I always end up putting it off until the last minute. Digital invites are the way to go if you want to save yourself considerable time, and money! A text, email or Facebook message to parents is such an easy way to get the message out. I know it’s not the most personal or creative way of doing things, but it’s not a hugely special occasion, like a birthday, so let yourself away by cutting a few corners!


Easter decorations are by far the most fun decorations to make or buy. All the bright colours and the cute motifs make it a very enjoyable experience. Buying your decorations is obviously the easiest way to do this. But this doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a creative input. I use www.balloonsgalore.co.uk to customise balloons for the Easter party. However, if you do want to make your decorations yourself, there are loads of easy DIY tips and techniques available online. And get your kids to help you arrange spring flowers and paint eggs - they’ll love it!


The food is another enjoyable part of planning an Easter children’s party. Again, buying the food will be easiest but there are also a lot of simple recipes you can make at home to save you money. Raw carrot sticks with dip is a healthy and tasty savoury option. Boiled eggs with a variety of dippers such as traditional soldiers or asparagus wrapped in ham. Sweet nibbles like carrot cake pops, chocolate nest cupcakes and decorated Easter biscuits and cookies will also go down a treat. 


An Easter party is not complete without games! Traditional games such as the egg hunt, egg rolling and painting eggs can all be done relatively easily. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement but try to keep your egg hunt simple and small-scale. Just around the garden will be fun for the kids but the low effort for you. Layout arts and crafts materials on a table for egg decorating and just let the kids get stuck in. 

Party bags 

If you want to give the little ones a lush Easter gift away with them, fill a party bag with little treats. The bags could include a variety of mini chocolate eggs, an Easter decoration for their room and an egg cup. Give everyone the same thing and keep it simple to avoid spending lots of time and effort on this element.

Happy Easter party planning lovelies.


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