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How To Throw An Awesome Baby Shower

If one of your friends has recently become pregnant, it could be up to you to throw the perfect baby shower. While a lot of planning might be involved, it’s important you don’t overlook the basics. Most people choose to hold baby showers in their home or the home of their parents. However, there is nothing wrong with booking a venue and celebrating in style. It all comes down to the type of person your friend might be. Do they enjoy extravagance, or would they prefer something a little more low-key?

  • Send invitations at least one month in advance to ensure that all of their closest friends and family can attend. Make sure you also invite male friends. While this was a “women-only” event in the past, things are now more equal.
  • Stipulating the type of gifts people should give the happy couple is a wise move. In some circumstances, the couple may have more use for money then personalised products. That said; nobody will be disappointed with some custom baby grows.
  • Asking that all guests refrain from drinking alcohol during the celebration is also sensible. The person you’re congratulating isn’t able to drink, and so neither should anyone else. A baby shower is not an excuse to get drunk.

So long as you take all that advice, your friend should be more than happy with the event you organise. Now all you have to do is go out and find the perfect gift. There are so many cool items to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice.


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