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Making Your Garden as Child Friendly as Possible: The Rules


If you have children in your family, then making sure your garden is child-friendly is a must. Kids love to spend hours playing different games in the garden, but if it’s not suitable for them they could end up having an accident. These are the rules for making sure the kids stay safe and have fun no matter what they’re doing:

Include Bright Colours With Plants

Plant lots of colourful flowers and plants. This will help young children to learn about different colours, styles of plant, and more. In fact, if you plant the right kind of flowers, you can attract butterflies and birds much easier. The kids will love playing in a wildlife garden! I do recommend you research the blossoming times of the plants you use though, as you want them to be fairly easy to maintain. There are apps that can help you with this. 

Add an Interesting Focal Point

An interesting focal point could be pretty much anything, but you’ll need to build the rest of your garden around it. It could be a professionally shaped hedge, or it could even be something the kids will love - like a tipi/hideaway! 

Make it Fun

The garden has to be fun for the kids, so make sure there’s stuff for them to do. You don’t need to go with the standard trampoline like most people do either. There are plenty of options you can find with places like The Children’s Playground, so you can make your garden as park-like as you want. Slides and climbing frames will often get used more than a trampoline anyway. 

Include a Pond But Always Supervise

A pond is a lovely way to teach kids about fish and other wildlife that gets attracted to the pond. However, you absolutely must teach the children about safety around water. You should never leave them near the pond unsupervised. If they are particularly young, you might be better off getting a water feature instead. 

Keep Garden Tools and Chemicals Out of Reach

Make sure you have a garden shed, garage, or somewhere else safe to keep your garden tools and chemicals. If the kids get their hands on these, disaster could strike! 

Have a Tough Hedge and Secure Gate

A secure gate will stop the kids from getting out when they’re playing; they don’t know what dangers lurk outside of that gate, so keep it that way by protecting them! Make sure they know never to try to get out of the gate either. A tough hedge will give you more privacy too. 

Encourage Their Creativity

Encourage the kid’s creativity by including an element of magic in the garden. You could include a mini fairy garden or even a mini dinosaur garden. They’ll be transfixed and never want to leave. 

Getting fresh air is good for kids and adults alike, so make sure your garden is child-friendly and a fun place to be. Do you have any tips of your own you'd like to contribute? Leave a comment!


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