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Mummy Tummy Getting You Down? Easy Ways To Make Things Better

Having babies is a wonderful gift. To be able to nurture and bring a new life into the world to care for is a great privilege. When we first hear the little cry from our newborn to know he has arrived safely we can breathe a sigh of relief and know that all the hard work of pregnancy and labour was worth it. Yes, we know the little one will be incredibly hard work from now until forever because we love him so much, but we don’t care. We know the task ahead is a big one and will be very challenging, but now we’re a mummy, taking care of that little bundle of joy is all we can think about.

Fast forward six months. Your body is sore from breastfeeding, your mind is fuzzy from sleepless nights, and your stomach is still riddled with unattractive stretch marks. You would be forgiven at this stage for feeling a little bit hard done by. Very few of us are naturally blessed with a body so elastic everything goes back to how it was before the pregnancy. We may have a little mummy tummy left over, and our breasts are certainly never going to fit back in that sexy bra the other half liked. But it is the stretch marks that get us down the most.

Our tummies may never see the light of day again, as our bikini bodies have been given up for life. But still, the marks left on our skin from the days we were heavily pregnant can make us feel very unattractive. They feel peculiar like a sort of rough, wiggly texture, but they look like they are the colour of bruises and other nasty marks. While we would never blame our children for ruining our bodies, we do tend to think that way for a fleeting moment once or twice in our lives.

Fortunately, there are some remedies to help reduce the appearance of these marks. You can look online for the best stretch mark cream reviews to make up your own mind which products may be best for you to try. Keeping the skin clean and well moisturised is essential to protecting any vulnerable areas. A good diet will help your skin regenerate and give it a healthy glow all over your body. Gentle exercise to the area will also help keep the skin supple.

Rapidly losing weight can make that area look even worse, so if you are planning an exercise programme, choose one that helps you tone up and slim down gradually. Don’t resort to crash diets and exercise fads. Working gently, little by little, you can achieve more permanent results as you take on the amount of exercise you can keep up for life. Try not to get down about your stretch marks. Some mums say they are proud of the marks as a reminder of all the hard work they put into creating life. At the end of the day, we are perfect in the eyes of our children, and that’s what really counts.


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