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Top Valentine’s Day gifting ideas for him and her

From cards and candies to flowers and balloons and now to gadgets and gizmo's, Valentine’s Day has greatly evolved over the past few years.  Finding a unique gift for the one you love isn’t as easy as it may seem because the gift has many expectations attached to it.  And of course, you don’t want to let your lover down, not on Valentine’s Day at least. So what are the best and safest Valentine’s Day gifting options? The following are the top Valentine’s Day picks for him and her:

Valentine’s Day picks for HER

Pair of Shoes

All girls love shoes. Yes, not just ‘most’ but ‘all’. So why not gift your girlfriend or your wife the perfect pair of shoes this Valentine’s Day?  If you know the size and the choice of your partner, then ordering a pair of shoes online is also a brilliant idea. So log on and find yourself a good deal.


Just as much as they love shoes, they love their handbags too. Be it a tote, a purse, an evening clutch or sling bag, bags are a favourite of all females, irrespective of the age of course.   Moreover, you cannot go wrong with a bag so why think further, just get one and see her face brighten up!


Again, this is another top pick for Valentine’s Day and is a gift with which you can never go wrong. Buy either a makeup set or handpick good quality products of neutral shades that your girl will totally love!


Undoubtedly, one of the best items that you can bring for a lady not just on Valentine’s but on any day or occasion of the year is a wonderful piece of jewellery. Get a ring, a cute heart shaped pendant or a bracelet, no woman will ever say no to it!

Valentine’s Day picks for HIM


What shoes and handbags are to women, gadgets are to men. If you want your man to fall for you all over again, make him feel that you care by gifting a cool gizmo's or gadget. There is no dearth of cool items like electronic shavers, Smartphones, portable Bluetooth speakers and gaming devices and what is even cooler is that you can purchase these for reduced prices by availing a voucher on Electric Shop.Com.


Make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day for gifting him something he will use and love. Get him a pair of jeans, a shirt or a jacket of the brand and colours he loves.  Make sure whatever you bring can be exchanged so that there is an option of getting the size or the fit changed.


Another amazing option to gift your man on Valentine’s Day is a good quality wallet/tie/belt. These accessories are a must for any man and complete their overall look. It is said that the kind of wallet or belt a man carries is a sign of how classy he is. So ladies, time to go shopping for the perfect piece for your boyfriend or husband.

Do you have any plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones? 


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