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Why Our Babies Worry Us So Often

Babies are the most wonderful people on earth, and yet they are the biggest source of stress, worry and even anger for a new mum. A lot of these feelings stem from the hormonal releases that occur after pregnancy, but some are caused by baby’s behaviour too. Neither of these is your fault or the fault of your new arrival, but that fact doesn't make any of it feel better. At the end of the day, we love our babies, and we will go through all that life throws at us to take good care of them.

When babies become poorly, we have even more cause for concern. We are checking on them twice as much and scouring the Internet for ways to help them. It is so unbearable to see our tiny little offspring suffering, even if it is just a common cold. When baby has more serious conditions like eczema, we can almost be tearing our hair out trying to cope. Baby eczema is actually quite common, but if baby scratches it, we are suddenly facing a lot more problems. Infections can occur and spread, and soon poor baby looks like an itchy, grumpy mess. Try to find ways to prevent the scratching and talk to your doctor about prescribing a good cream.

Other common illnesses for baby include reflux. This is much like indigestion and heartburn for us, but we are able to sit up and move around to relieve it. Often our breast milk or formula exacerbates the problem. Baby may cry and vomit and have even worse runny poos, but it’s all part of the package of having a baby. Some don’t grow out of it until they are on solid foods, and others only suffer a day or two. So long as your little one continues to put on weight and continues to take on enough fluids, he should be OK. Talk to your doctor if you feel the situation is worsening.

When baby starts to toddle, you suddenly start to find bruises absolutely everywhere. This can make you worry that other caregivers are being rough, but bumps and scrapes are usually nothing more than little one pushing his boundaries. Babies are very wobbly when they first start to roll over, crawl and sit up. But when they start to stand and walk, you’ll be glad they are in padded nappies! If you have concerns that baby does not see clearly the things he bumps into, have a chat with your health visitor.

Once baby becomes more mobile, you may want to become more social together and join some toddler groups. This is a great idea to ensure baby is used to being around other kids, and it helps build up your friendships and support network too. Most importantly, it helps build up both your immune systems as you will be exposed to every cough and cold going! Be sure to maintain good hand hygiene, and you should both be fine. Enjoy as many groups as you can to offer your child plenty of different activity opportunities.


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