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Eight Awesome Must-Read Tips For Young Mums

Hubster and my eldest bubba Coley-Moo 8 or so years back

As a young mum, I know what it takes to look after little ones. When people first have a baby, they have no idea what it will take to take care of it. I found that, as time goes by, it gets easier to do simple things with your kids. Becoming a mother is a massive change, and at first, you might find the prospect of it all a bit much. Here are some awesome tips to help you when you enter this new phase of your life. 

1. Get used to feeling sleepy 

New mothers tend to feel sleepy all the time. Until now, you had the luxury of sleeping through the night with no interruptions. Suddenly, there is a screaming baby in your home, and you have to jump out of bed to look after it. There is no point moaning about your tiredness - get used to it.  

2. Ask people for some advice

If you think that you know just what to do when it comes to parenting, you are naive. Until you have children, you have no idea how difficult it is to look after them. Before you have your baby, it is worth chatting with some of your friends who are already parents. They will tell you what being a mother is like and give you some helpful advice. 

3. Get support (you will need it)

There will be times when you need a day off. If you plan to be a stay at home mum, you still need to give yourself a break now and then. Now is the time to contact a nanny agency. If you sort out your childcare before you have your baby, you will not have to worry when things get tough. There is no shame in needing a little extra support sometimes. 

4. Let your parents help

Your parents will be desperate to help you when you have a baby, and you should let them do so. Some mums make the mistake of shutting people out when they first have their children. If you do that, you will alienate the people around you for no reason at all. 

5. Talk to your partner before you have your child

Your partner knows you better than anyone else, and so he will help you with this new experience. Remember, parenthood is something that you do with your partner. You are not going through this phase alone; he is right there by your side. Let him help. 

6. Teach your kids new things

You know loads of exciting and interesting things. From the moment you give birth, it is your duty to teach your child about the world. As soon as your baby can talk, it will start to ask you questions about things. Children expect you to know everything, and so you better prepare your answers. 

7. Put your kids first 

When you are a young person, you have a million different things that you want to do. One of the hardest things about being a mum is learning to put your children's needs first. If your money is tight, you will need to buy things for your children before you get yourself anything. 

8. Make your home child-friendly

Before you have your baby, you need to make your home child-friendly. You should make some changes to your house and garden so that your kids are safe. If you change things now, it will mean that you have one less thing to worry about later. 

Soon, your life will change forever. Being a mother is a gift and an enormous responsibility. Enjoy it!


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