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Espirit || Transitioning Spring Styles

I'm eagerly anticipating spring guys. I've even taken to wearing my ballet flats in the snow even though it's freezing simply because this cold and rain isn't doing it for me anymore. Around this time of year, I start the hunt for some capsule pieces that will team well with my cold weather clothing yet can be transitioned into the warm seasons...like SPRING!

I've found what works for me over the years and also what works for my overstretched budget and that tends to be pieces which come in neutral tones, classic shapes and have great lines. I suppose that statement sounds pretty blase but what I mean by classic pieces is items of clothing that come in a pattern that's not necessarily on trend, stripes and spots are classic, dainty florals are classic and even plain colours such as white, black and navy are perfect classic pieces. Great lines pieces simply describe clothing that suits the wearer's body shape, normally they're made from a better fabric mix so they hold the original shape or can be ironed so that they hold a neat shape. Body con, lycra, some polyester mixes all tend to wash badly leaving the hems all over the place and wouldn't make it onto my clean line list, ever. 

To make the change I've been browsing lots of online websites and of course Pinterest for inspiration. After viewing and pinning umpteen images  I can't shake the need to own some classic French styles. It just never goes out of style does it and it looks good on all shapes and all ages? I'm also loving simple pops of colour and pieces with interesting textures so, I think this is the direction I'll be going in for what's left of 2015 and I'll be starting with these two hand-picked outfits from Espirit

This striped dress is so cute. French sophistication mixed with playfulness non? This is exactly what I would describe as a dress that has clean lines, the type you could just pull on and go and still look incredible.

Because of it's put on and go qualities I figured flats would work for a casual daytime look and also the tan bag slung over your shoulder with your sunnies on and your hair pulled back would be sublime. To enable this to work you'd need to keep your accessories to a minimum. Mixed metals or a hint of a primary tone would look amazing.
This second outfit ticks all of my capsule wardrobe needs.

The dress somewhat resembles the loose shape of a shirt dress and can be worn casually with those amazing Leo boots or other similar ankle boots. String on a long tassel necklace and kink your hair into some boho waves and you're set for spring-summer. If you want to dress up the look for work or play I recommend teaming it with the lemon textured cardigan for a pop of colour and added texture as well as a dainty necklace like this cute Sterling Silver heart. Again mixed metals will keep this looking chic and the Aurora ring by Links of London is simply beautiful.

These two outfits stood out because I know I'd get so much use out of these because the styles never truly go out of fashion. I'd definitely describe myself as a classic, fashion lover than a current trend maven as there's no way my bank balance and my stress levels could deal with changing up my wardrobe every three months. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and current trends but within reason and I don't stop myself from purchasing on-trend pieces that I adore as long as they work with the capsule basics. Espirit currently has some amazing bohemian pieces available that my inner magpie just wanted to feature - but - the sensible me decided to stick to the capsule needs.

You know I'll probably still snap up the gorgeous crochet kimono which I'd class as being on trend but you know, a girls gotta buy what a girls gotta buy and that kimono is calling my name. I've learnt the hard way though and over the years I have been an impulse shopper, snapping up things that appealed to my love of pattern or colour only, to get them home and they didn't go with anything I owned. I think my husband got sick of my regular 'I have nothing to wear' cries and mentioned that I had to cut back or rethink my purchases. It was probably the best fashion advice I've ever had.

Have you ever purchased any classic or capsule suitable pieces from Espirit or other online stores? check them out over on www.espirit.co.uk 

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  1. Transitional dressing can be so tricky but there are some lovely picks here! I'm a bit in love with rose gold at the moment so love that ring, but also that tan bag is calling out to me!

  2. You have out together some great outfits there. I love black and yellow together. I also love stripes and bought a fabulous maxi skirt recently from here http://www.delaldesigns.com/store/p44/Stripey_jersey_maxi_.html


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