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Fun Things To Do On A Saturday Night

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If you have a Saturday night free, you may be wondering how to spend it. Saturday night is the perfect time to have some fun and forget the stresses and worries of work and family life, if you can get a babysitter, that is.

What if the idea of having a night out is too much? Or perhaps the thought of heading out for dinner just doesn’t seem all too appealing for once? Don’t worry, now and then it’s natural to want a bit of a break from going out, especially when you are exhausted from looking after your children all week.

If you have a Saturday night free but don’t want to go out, that’s okay, there are plenty of fun things you can do with your time. For our guide to all the best things, you can get up to on a Saturday night, have a read of this.

Have a movie night

What better way to spend a Saturday night than curled up on the sofa with a good movie, a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine? For the ultimate Saturday night movie marathon, download two or three movies from Sky box office or head to the DVD store and rent a couple of movies instead. Make sure to pick three films from three different genres. Otherwise, you could end up getting a little bored.

Instead of ordering in, why not spend the evening making your own homemade pizzas? It’s fun, easy to do and totally delicious. All you will need is some pizza dough, tomato pizza topping, grated mozzarella and various other toppings of your choice. Depending on how much of a good cook you are, you can either buy ready-made pizza dough, or you can have a go at making it yourself. It is completely up to you.

Have a candlelit bath

If you are feeling stressed out, why not spend your Saturday night enjoying a nice soak in the bathtub? Trust us, after a soothing soak, you will feel much happier, calmer and more relaxed. For the ultimate relaxing bathtime, run yourself a bubble bath, place scented candles around the room, dim the lights and break open a bottle of bubbly.

Browse the internet

If you rarely get any time to yourself, let alone enough time to go online and browse, spend your Saturday evening doing just that. Sit down with a glass of wine, update your social media profiles, catch up with old friends and see what you have missed online. You could also go on YouTube and other sites, to look at comic videos and sketches, as well as all the funniest fails on there too.

Invite the girls over

If the kids are in bed and your partner has gone out, why not invite the girls over the girls night in? You can relax and chat with your friends while enjoying a bottle of wine or two. For the ultimate girls night in, pick up a couple of romantic comedies, a few bottles of wine and some nibbles and just spend the evening chilling out together.


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