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How to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids

Getting kids to be more creative isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s all about breaking rules and doing things differently, and what kid doesn’t like to do that? You should never impose rules on a child’s creativity. Give them the opportunity to express themselves and most kids will embrace it.

All kids have the capacity for creativity; you just have to find their niche. Creativity doesn’t have to be about drawing pictures; there are hundreds of ways in which a child can develop a creative streak. Here are some tips for encouraging creativity in your son or daughter!

Give Them the Freedom to Create

There’s nothing more detrimental to creativity than an overbearing parent. If you take all the fun out of being creative, why would your child want to pursue creative art? Take a back seat and let them get on with what they’re doing.

If they feel like they can do what they want, they might just surprise you. Limits will only hinder their development. They should be exploring their own ideas, independent of you, so even if they want your help, encourage them to think for themselves.

Buy Them the Equipment

If your household doesn’t foster a creative atmosphere, your kids simply won’t take an interest in being creative. They need to have the materials and the equipment at hand to be able to do something creative.

Sit down with them and find out what they’d be interested in. It might be a new set of paints and brushes or a musical instrument. Give them the room to choose something which is of interest to them rather than imposing something on them.

Let them Decorate Their Bedrooms

Not many parents have the confidence to allow their kids to design their bedrooms, but why not? Children have a lot better imaginations than adults, so they’ll probably surprise you and it is their bedroom, after all!

You don’t have to let them choose the furniture; there are plenty of places where you can look at luxury beds for boys. But when it comes to choosing a theme and getting involved with the painting of the walls, you can let them get creative with you.

Make Home Movies and Put on Plays

There’s no better way to tell a story than to act it out. This encourages your kids to think creatively and put their ideas into action. You could work on an idea for a short play with them and then act it out in front of the family. This can be a lot of fun and gets them thinking.

Creating home movies as a family is a great way of being creative too. As a parent, you probably try to limit the amount of time your kids spend watching TV and movies, but they are still creative arts! We all have small cameras on our phones, so it’s easy to make a little movie in the home.

Make Reading Fun

If your kids take an interest in reading at an early age, the chances are they'll go on to develop more creative personalities. Open their minds to new stories when they're young and as soon as they're old enough to read, get them involved in the process.

You can take it in turns reading and take on different characters in the story. Then you can start creating your own stories with them.


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