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Beanies Stash Box || Coffee Choices Make Me Happy

Coffee makes me happy.

Trying new coffee flavours excites me even more. Imagine my delight to find the Beanie's Stash Box contains nine jars of coffee and none of which I had ever tried *yeah-ya*

Beanies Flavour Co are self-confessed 'coffee nuts' who take great delight in pioneering flavoured coffee that's then turned into a range of coffee for us fanatics. While there are a few brands that offer flavour beans no-one does it quite like Beanies do.

The Stash Box contains nine 50g jars of coffee - NINE jars! If you're someone who is rubbish at making decisions then you may struggle with this because honestly, I had absolutely no idea which one to try first so proceeded to open them all for a sniff. The scent is wonderful, like coffee with a hint of whichever flavour they're merged with and the flavour scents are so true to form. 

Smell vision people - we need to invent it.

Flavours in the Stash Box include:

 Chocolate Orange // It's not Terry's, it's Beanies. Similar to the big brand chocolate orange.

▼△ Double Chocolate // Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

▼ Gingerbread // Warming spices and biscuity taste which is really delicate when brewed.

▼△ Cinder Toffee // Rich toffee with a grown-up taste.

▼ Irish Cream // Irish Cream liqueur without the horrible burn sensation at the back of your throat.

▼△ Very Vanilla // This one is more vanilla bean than vanilla essence. This was really smooth and delicate.

▼ Amaretto Almond // Sweet almond. Comforting and an excellent choice for those hormonal moments.

▼△ Cinnamon Hazelnut // Strange but you know, it works.

▼ Nutty Hazelnut // So... this is nutty.

I have to say my favourite is the Cinnamon Hazelnut and closely followed by Very Vanilla. Each of the coffees, however, were very drinkable, smooth and moreish and also make excellent iced coffee but of course, you don't need to add any flavour syrup to get the yummy extra taste.

Each of the jars contains less than 2 calories and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those on the no sugar diet. If you're not willing to go full hog into a Stash Box you can try out the individual jars which start at £2.50. If you're willing to dive into the flavour journey that is the Stash Box then you can pick up your own for £22.50 over on the Beanies Website.

The big question is which flavour would YOU try first?


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  1. I'm not a big coffee lover but this is a great idea for those who love to try new and exciting coffee flavours x

  2. I love coffee! These look amazing :) gingerbread coffee sounds nice!


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