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Spring Polish Change Up || CND Vinylux

It's been lovely weather recently and I've placed a focus on my current wardrobe and accessories. I love changing things up slightly to fit in with the current season and spring is one of those seasons that fits my inner bohemian perfectly. There are usually a few things I change first and then use those as building blocks for the rest of my seasonal style. Those things are shoes and nail polish. 

CND is a brand I've used for gel manicures but never as a home polish. Deciding that I was going to start with some CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes was the first step. Browsing Just My Look I honestly felt like a little child in a candy shop because they had so many lovely colours narrowing down my wishlist was pretty tough. It may have taken me three days but I managed to somehow get my list down from: 
Lush Tropics  // Bright green
Bicycle Yellow // Bright sunshine yellow
Mint Convertible // Pastel mint green
Azure Wish // Bright baby blue
Studio White // Opaque white
Thistle Thicket // Pretty lilac

I finally realised that Mint Convertible and Studio White were the perfect spring choices as the rest were more summery. Don't get me wrong I love to rock a bright polish but in spring I much prefer pastel or muted tones - I also find spring tones pair well with autumn tones making them much more cost effective. 

This is Studio White and Mint Convertible. The perfect pastel pairing and both work well together or alone. I found the application was amazing and Mint Convertible only really needed one coat to become fully opaque but being used to applying two coats I swatched twice for the image above. The Studio White is so pretty when worn alone and looks more high fashion than it does Tip-Ex (who applied Tip-Ex to their nails as a schoolgirl?). The polishes lasted three and four days without chipping which was amazing as I find most chip after a day or two, overall I'm completely sold on this brand. 

Both polishes were cheaper costing only £7.90 rather than the typical £10.99 RRP.  You can check out the range of polishes over on Just My Look but I warn you it's tough trying to narrow down the choices as there's so many. 


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