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Your Guide to a Rustic Wedding Day


The rustic wedding day is becoming more and more popular. It used to be about having a modern, sleek, luxurious day. Some people still want that, but others would rather make the most of more natural materials and sources. This guide will help you to have the most amazing, rustic style wedding you can dream of:

Serve Bourbon Cocktails and Beer

What’s more rustic than bourbon cocktails and some really good beer? Nothing! You could even serve a selection of interesting cocktails, including the one you’ve created to commemorate yourselves as a couple. 

Use Plenty of Natural Materials and Textures

Natural materials and textures are essential for setting the tone of a rustic wedding. Leather, fur, slate, and wood should be used in abundance to create depth with texture. Don’t include anything too sleek looking to avoid ruining the theme. 

Go for Freshly Picked Flowers

Instead of having your flowers straight out of the flower shop, go for freshly picked. These look way more rustic and add more personality to your big day. You can either pick them yourself or find the kind you’re looking for in a flower shop, just make sure you can’t tell you bought them! That’s what rustic is about; giving that ‘just back from the countryside’ vibe. 

Go for a Suitable Venue

There are many suitable wedding venues you could choose from to fit your rustic theme. You could go to a castle or an outdoor venue. There are a bunch of places you could pick depending on your budget and the kind of mood you’d like to set. Make sure your venue not only sets the scene but is big enough and accessible for all of your guests too. 

Make Use of Fairy Lights and Lanterns

Lanterns and fairy lights help to add a magical feel to your day, and every big day needs a magical feel to it, doesn’t it? You could even use hay bales and similar things to give a bigger rustic feel. 

Use Unusual but Quirky Accessories

Inject your personality into your rustic day by using unusual and quirky accessories. For instance, you could use a wheelbarrow as a beer cooler for a guest to just grab one as they please. Unusual things like this will never go unnoticed! 

Keep it Simple

Rustic weddings aren’t about having lavish ice sculptures and waiters, although you can still do that if you want. If you want a real lavish wedding, then make it as rustic and country-fied as possible. It might not be every girl’s dream wedding, but it’s not about who can have the biggest day, is it? There’s plenty more advice online to help you should you need it. 

Everyone has their own version of the perfect rustic wedding day. Use this advice, but remember it’s only a loose guide that you can use for inspiration - you can arrange your day any way you like. Leave a comment if you have any tips of your own on creating a rustic wedding day. 

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