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Nip And Tuck: Things To Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

Thousands of British women decide to go under the knife each year in order to improve the way they look and the way that they feel about themselves. If you are one of the many women considering this form of body modification this year, or in the near future, here are some important things to consider while you are going through the decision process. 

The reasons 

It’s important that you are honest with yourself about why you want to have a cosmetic procedure. Some people do it because they think it will fix a problem in their lives, only to find out afterwards that it was not the answer. Speaking to family, friends and medical professionals can help you to make the right decision.

The clinic

Cosmetic surgery is a big industry, and there are many clinics out there that want your business. Many women find it very difficult to know how to make a decision between them. A good place to start is with a personal recommendation. Do you know someone who has had a procedure that you could ask for information? Your GP may also be able to make a reliable recommendation. If you are serious about getting the crème de la crème of services, you may wish to find out about facelift, breast augmentation and other procedures abroad. America is still considered the leading country for cosmetic surgery

The consultation

Select your top two or three clinics and attend a consultation with them all. Not only will this help you to get more information, but it will also give you a feel of which clinic and surgeon you feel most comfortable with. You are in for a long-term relationship with your surgeon, so it’s important to find one you are happy with.

You will be told a lot of information at these consultations, so it’s a good idea to make notes and to have a list of questions that you would like answers to. Questions you may wish to ask include: what are the surgeon's qualifications? How many times have they done the procedure? And what are the potential risks and complications? 

If you have any facts or figures you are unsure about, the General Medical Council may be able to help you out. You can consult their website or give them a call

The recovery 

Bruising and swelling post-surgery can take days, weeks or even months to fade. You’ll need to consider whether you can afford this amount of time. Things you’ll need to consider include how much time you can take off work and whether you have an important event coming up, such as a wedding. 

The expense

Cosmetic surgery is very rarely provided through the NHS. So it’s most likely that you’ll need to go private. The cost will depend on the procedure that you are having and where in the world you are having it done. Do your research thoroughly so that you can work out whether this is an expense that you can and are willing to pay. Remember to factor into your sums the costs that are added to the procedure, like follow-up care. 

Have you had cosmetic surgery? What advice would you offer to others women considering a procedure?


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