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Special Gift Ideas for Your Other Half

One of the greatest joys of having an ‘other half’ is treating them and surprising them with things we know they’ll love. However, this doesn’t mean we aren’t stumped for ideas sometimes - we’re only human, after all! If the time has come for you to treat your other half but you’re unsure of what to do, then read on for some ideas!

Personalised Jewellery 

Personalised jewellery can be a lovely gift for both a man and a woman. Whether you choose a bracelet with a love note inscribed or a necklace with your initials on it, it’ll mean so much to them. You could even design something, especially for them! You can do this through a special jeweller, or if you want them to be seriously impressed, then do a course and make something yourself. 

A Photo Frame

If you’re tight on funds but still want to get them something special, a photo frame with a gorgeous picture of the two of you inside will be lovely. They can put this on their desk at work or even on their bedside table. 

A Personalised Wall Hanging

A personalised wall hanging will be a lovely reminder of the love you two share whenever you look up at it. It could be a collection of words that mean something to you, or even your names and the names of your family. Something like this would be the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift, just as long as it’s made from wood. You don’t want to break tradition!
source: Paulo Brandao
A Scrapbook

If you’ve got the time, settle down and make a scrapbook of your time together as a couple. Get a pretty book and decorate it with ticket stubs, photographs, and other bits and pieces that show the kind of relationship you have. Putting time and effort in like this is worth more than any amount of money you could spend. 

A Tub Full of Notes

A tub full of notes...really? Yes! The same as with the notebook, putting the time into writing out notes like this shows you’ve put a lot of thought into what you’re giving them. Buy a pretty tub or simply use an empty one from the pantry. Decorate it if you like. Get some paper, and consider cutting it into pretty shapes. You could colour coordinate the notes if you like; blue for a love note, pink for a pick me up, and yellow for a funny memory. They will never forget a gift like this! I think my husband would prefer this over the pregnancy tests I bought him once

A Break Away

Whisk them away and have some ‘you time’ - you deserve it! You can find some great deals online, so you don’t need to get a second mortgage to do it. 

An Adventure Day

If you haven’t got the time for a weekend or week break away, then go on an adventure for the day. Take them on a hot air balloon ride, or go go-karting. Do something fun where you can bond and fall in love all over again! 

I hope you love these gift ideas and your other half is over the moon!

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  1. It's always nice to think of something special to give your other half. A little surprise could mean something big especially from a special person. Even little things bring awesome joy and what's great is that no matter how small the gift is, it is given so much appreciation.

    1. I agree Alyaka, the smallest things often mean the most. x


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