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10 Fun Ways to Make More Money


I think every one of us would say yes to a little more money. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but there are a few fun techniques we can try to make more. Making money doesn’t need to be a chore! See what you think of these suggestions:

Sell Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore

Go through all of your stuff and find things you don’t want anymore. Sell it! It’s so easy to sell your stuff these days with sites like Depop and Craigslist. Some people even attend car boot sales, give them to recycling companies, and put them on social media. You have many options, and you’re bound to find somebody who wants your used stuff. 

Get Into Crafts

Crafts like card making can be a lot of fun, and you can sell your work when you’re done. If you’ve always enjoyed making things, come up with some designs you can sell and see how they do. A business like this will be fairly easy to start and market, especially with the help of social media. 

Start an eBay Business

To start a successful eBay business, you don’t have to spend much at all. First, you need to find out what popular things you can sell to make the most money. Selling on eBay can be really lucrative if you do enough research! 

Sell Your Talents

Are you good at singing? Playing an instrument? Maths? Become a tutor and sell your talents. Perform in clubs. Do something you enjoy and find a way to get paid for it! 

Start Blogging

Blogging can take a while to get you paid, but if you’re consistent and you produce high-quality content, it can pay off. You can place ads on your blog, which can get you money by generating leads. You can also sign up with affiliate sites, and get paid for reviewing products! Money isn’t always guaranteed, so you really need to like it to carry on doing it. 

Mystery Shopping

Love shopping? Become a mystery shopper and review the service you get in shops and restaurants. You’ll get free drinks and food, as well as paid for doing the job. 

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, dog walking could be your thing. Make sure you know how to control other people’s dogs and feel confident around them before taking up this job though. 

Life Modelling

Fancy getting your kit off and having yourself painted, Rose from Titanic style? You could participate in life modelling! Some people frown on this, but it can be a really easy way to make money. 

Be an Extra

We’ve all dreamed of being on TV, and becoming an extra is the easiest way to do it. It could even lead to bigger things! 


Some people find ironing therapeutic. If you do, this could be the fun way to make more money for you! 

Will you try one of these fun ways to make money? Do you have ideas of your own? Let me know in the comments!


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