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Five Weird And Wonderful Ways To Earn A Little Extra

I am not alone in saying that money is essential in life. I don’t mean that it is everything because it isn’t. But, it is hard to get by if you don’t have enough. Instead of allowing my life to revolve around the green stuff, I like to make the quest for extra cash fun and exciting. Here is a couple of my most weird and wonderful ways to make extra money. 

Sell Your Holiday Snaps

You’ll never leave your camera at home again now you know how profitable your holiday photos are! Businesses hate using the same pictures in their advertising campaigns, and they will pay money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional photographer. I know I’m not! As long as they have decent resolution people will buy them and you’ll get a royalty fee.

Just join companies like Fotolia and watch the cash start rolling in.

Play The Lottery

Playing the lottery doesn’t seem that weird. It also doesn’t seem like a good way of earning cash as the odds are heavily stacked against everyone who plays. But, don’t play the conventional lottery and choose a more profitable option and you could end up being a millionaire. The Irish lotto or scratch cards are great alternatives because they give you a better chance of winning and are cheaper than the conventional methods.

Trade-In Ink Cartridges

I love this method because it is easy, and it will make you a lot of cash if you are dedicated. We all know that you can trade in tin cans and bottles for money, but there isn’t a lot of money in that business. But, ink cartridges are a lot more profitable. A lot of companies will pay up to five pounds per cartridge, so you only need to find ten empty ones per week to earn an extra £180 a month.

Everyone uses ink cartridges, but not everyone knows this little trick so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to find liquid cash!

Sell Your Hair

Hair is a massive part of the female beauty industry. For years, people like you and I love the way our locks look, and we will do a lot to get a perfect style. Hair is so in demand that you can sell yours if you have the right hair. Hair extensions and wigs are hugely popular, and makers need real hair to get the perfect look. 

The next time you come across ads on the web, take a look and see if you fit the bill.

Rent Your Garden To Campers

Airbnb is a website where you can put your back garden up for rent. Seriously, I am not joking! It is all about making holidays as cheap as possible, so if you live in a nice rural area and have a big garden, this could be a realistic option. You can even charge as much as you want!

These are not the only ways to do it, so if you find any more please let me know. I love making extra money, and I especially love the process if it is fun!


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