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Look Your Best This Summer: Top Tips!

Summer is probably 99% of the world’s favourite time of year. The weather is warmer, we wear fewer clothes, so it’s only natural to want to look your absolute best! Use these top tips to make sure you look on point this year:

Get a New Haircut

A new season is a perfect excuse to get a new haircut. Shorter styles are bang on trend this year and they’ll stop you from getting too hot and sweaty in the summer heat. That being said, you could always just change your hair colour if you like the cut you have right now. People tend to go lighter for summer, but you don’t have to! 

Overhaul Your Beauty Routine

Beauty routines need to be examined when the weather changes, as the current technique you’re using may not be suited to your skin anymore. Skin types can change; you might go from dry in winter to oily in summer, which means your products will need to change. Go and see a beauty therapist or a specialist at a counter to help you if you need advice!

Practice Using New Makeup

I love changing up my makeup looks in summer. I usually go for a bolder, brighter lip and lighter eyes. I wear a lighter base too, as a heavy base just feels like it melts off my face. Treat yourself to some new makeup and practice using it for a lighter look that still looks gorgeous! 

Watch What You Eat

Summer is not the time to gorge on pies. Watch what you eat to make sure you maintain a healthy shape. Indulge in plenty of salad, fruit, and nuts. Eat lean protein and make sure you go as natural as possible when it comes to your food choices. You can’t go wrong when you’re eating natural foods, just make sure you don’t over-do it on the potatoes! I also like to drink 3 litres of water a day and lots of tea. Detox tea can help to flush out toxins! Make sure you don’t add any milk or sugar to your tea, whatever type you choose. You can have the odd treat, but just make sure you’re mindful of what you put in your mouth. Mindless eating can be really dangerous and so many people do it!

Treat Yourself to New Clothes

Summer wardrobe shopping, anyone? I like to sell off my old clothes to make some extra cash, then buy new ones with the money I’ve made. There are so many sites you can do this on, like eBay and Depop. You could even customise some of your old bits to make them look new! Clothes die and a pair of scissors is usually all it takes. Don’t just get rid of clothes you think nobody will want to buy either; give them to charity instead. Good deed for the day, done! 

With these tips, you can look amazing this summer. Have any of your own? Leave a comment below.


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