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My Post Pregnancy Plan | Get Back into Shape

The first few weeks after giving birth are wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, they can be tough, too, and there will be painful nights and days. But having that precious little thing beside you gives you such an incredible feeling that you just can’t get anywhere else. However, at some point - usually, before your little one’s first month is up - you will be casually walking by a mirror and catch a glimpse of someone that looks like you. Oh, wait a minute. That is you. At least, you think it is. 

Now, it’s nothing to worry about (although you will). And it’s certainly not worth beating yourself up over (except you will do that, too). You’ve just given birth for goodness sake - it’s only natural (but you have a friend who looked amazing after only three days). It’s at this point that you might start feeling a little like you need to get things back on track. Well, it’s easier to do than you might think. I thought I would go through a few things I learned while having the same issues, and hopefully, there’s someone out there that can use them.

Walk when you can

There are two reasons why you should walk everywhere when you have a tiny newborn. Firstly, it’s terrifying. There are just too many crazy drivers out there for my liking. Secondly, it’s going to give you some much-needed exercise. Yes, it might be a little tough at first, but the earlier you start, the quicker you’ll get your strength back. 

Take some time out

I know it’s hard when you have a newborn - and much harder when you have other children, too. But you have to take some time out for yourself to do some exercise and meet some people. It’s good for the mind and the body. If you can’t find any childcare, look for groups in your area that have a creche. I know of a few gyms that do this, and they come in handy. The point is, even if it’s two forty-five minute sessions a week, it’s going to do you the world of good. 


During pregnancy, people will comment on your luscious locks. After pregnancy, you will be alarmed to find you are brushing clumps out of your scalp with ease. Don’t worry - it’s normal. But, as I do know women who have suffered hair loss, try this natural hair care blog for some helpful advice. If you are just suffering normal post-pregnancy hair loss, just wait until the worst is over, and go for a cut. Even the simple act of going to see your stylist will raise your spirits - and help you feel like you are on your way back to your old self. 

And finally…

Please, ask for help if you need it. Whether it’s a helping hand with giving the kids a bath, a babysitter, or even someone to talk to, it can all help you your way through the baby blues. Postpartum depression is a very real threat, and having a good support network around you will help you keep your head above water. If you feel the slightest bit concerned about your wellbeing, talking is often the first step to resolving your problems.


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