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The Best Ways To Get Out And About With Your Baby

When you’ve just had a baby, you can be pretty tired and emotional. You may be disappointed in how your body is looking postpartum. There’s no need to worry about it, though. The changes to your body during pregnancy took nine months to happen. So you can rest assured you’ve got time to let your body recover.

Getting out and about with your baby helps the body regain its strength, tone and mobility. Plenty of fresh air helps you and the baby sleep well too which is important for you both. The trouble is, your baby comes with a lot of heavy baggage! Getting out and about is tricky when you take into account unwieldy prams and heavy car seats. But it’s worth it for all that exercise.

Your pushchair is the easiest way to transfer the little one around. Being on wheels you can even jog with it! Make sure you have a rain cover or buy now so you can cope with untimely showers, though. You can even push the pram around the shops and supermarket to pick up some bits for dinner.

Harnesses and body carriers are brilliant for helping you to regain some freedom. They allow you to be close to the baby too. If you like walking or hiking, then the harness allows you to carry the baby safely over the terrain. It leaves your arms free for balance, or just for doing your household chores! You could even walk the family dog without worrying about parking the pram somewhere first.

The car is very handy for travelling with a baby. Snap-in baby seats are quick and easy, albeit rather heavy with the baby inside! If you have a car, you can head down to the shopping mall, and then use a pram to navigate the shops. You can drive out to a country park or woodland so that you and the baby can enjoy the sounds and smells of nature. 

If you don’t have access to a car, why not try and use the buses? Most buses are wheelchair and pushchair accessible. There is space to park the pram on board without you having to take the baby out and fold it down. If you have a front carrying harness, the lower entrance means you don’t have to step up high with the extra weight of a baby on you. You can then travel around and enjoy the extra walking.

Harnesses and prams mean you can enjoy power walking while still caring for your baby. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do after pregnancy. Both methods help you to tone your legs and walking briskly will raise your heart rate to help you burn any pregnancy fat. Some babies love dancing with their mummy. The harness helps you do this more safely than holding them in your arms.

With so many ways to get out and about, you can have the freedom to get the shopping done or enjoy a lovely walk whenever you feel like it. The change of scenery is good for you both, and all that fresh air should help you both sleep like babies. Night night!


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