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3 Ways To Feel Amazing Before Summer Ends

We’re approaching the last few weeks of summer now and sadly that means we’re going back to work, university or worse...school! Sorry, kids. But that still means we’ve got time to look our best before our colleagues start to find out we were lying about that summer holiday in the Bahamas. You just need a few tips to make the most of these last, precious weeks. If you take my advice, you are going to look stunning when you go back to work, no matter what. 

Start A Beauty Routine

Summer is the time where we usually relax, eating what we want, exercising when we want. We may have very rarely got off the deck chair to get another mimosa. But, typically speaking, we have probably let ourselves go over these last few months. So, let’s start by getting our diet back on track. 

The first thing that you need to do is to start drinking plenty of water. Water is going to clear up your skin beautifully and get rid of any of the grease that might have built up from eating fatty foods. Next, we are going to cut out the fast food trips and go healthy for the next few weeks. You would be amazed what a few weeks of good food can do for your body. If we get any more sunshine, you might even fit into that new bikini. We need to fix your exercise habits as well because chances are, you’ve been letting the kids run outside all day. You may have just been sitting in the garden, hoping to catch a few precious rays of sunshine on your skin. So, start with a simple exercise routine in the morning. Maybe try a couple of situps and squats or even a few lifts. This will start getting your body looking more toned. 

Exercise and a good diet will get your body back in shape, but we also want your face looking flawless. So, try a teeth whitening trick of mixing lemon and baking soda together for a paste. Also, use a bowl of boiling water to steam your skin, cleansing it. This will make you look more beautiful than ever, but we are not done yet. 

Buy Some Accessories

You didn’t think it was going to be all hard work, did you? Of course not because you know the best way to look stunning is to buy some new accessories. Why not start with a pair of sunglasses? You may still get another chance to use them and as summer winds down designer brands drop in price. Or, if you want to save some cash and wear glasses by a pair of photochromic lenses. These are special glasses that transform into sunglasses when hit with the sun's rays. How cool is that? 

You should also think about buying some small pieces of jewellery and anything that you think accentuates your best features. 

Buy A New Outfit

Finally, whether you’re heading back to work, or attending your last summer party, treat yourself to a new outfit. You deserve to look your best and feel good but remember to match the outfit to your body shape. This is the best way to look stylish and stunning at the same time. 

Follow this advice and be sure to enjoy the last weeks of your summer holidays. Just think, only four months until Christmas!


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